Working at Home as a Social Media Evaluator For Appen

I feel like I get great support and have all the necessary tools to be successful. Working for Appen Global is great to have available to you if you would like to pick up work on your own time. Note that if you do a training task, it may not show up in the history so you have to count those separately. Jul 17, 0: Just zooming as fast as you can is not the answer, because you can also be flagged for working too fast. Support did tell me to continue reporting it as work missed.

Appen offers work from home opportunities for exciting, flexible, short-term projects as well as full-time corporate opportunities. We are proud to be named as one of the Top Companies Offering Flexible Jobs in , , and , by FlexJobs.


I am rooting for you so let us know how it goes, you will do great! Appen Butler Hill Jan 17, 5: I as well have received an email for a three part assessment test for the position called web search evaluator. I have worked with lion bridge in the past can that affect my chances getting hired?

Appen Butler Hill Jan 17, Jan 17, 5: Jan 17, Appen Butler Hill Jan 21, I worked for Appen for a while and was let go out of the blue. They pay on time and well.

I was very sad to loose the position. If you get a position with them make sure and follow the guidelines strictly and focus all of your attention to the job at hend during work hours. It is well worth your time to get hired by this company. Jan 21, Appen Butler Hill Jan 27, 3: I was thinking of buying a cheap windows laptop to utilize these opportunities. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or any thoughts on if it were worth it.

I am a teacher and therefore am always looking for ways to supplement my income. Appen Butler Hill Jan 27, 4: I worked as an SME for Appen for a year. It's very mind numbing and you have to adhere to a schedule. I got burned out from all the typing and quit.

I'm still debating whether to take another position with them. Due to the NDA, I can't say much. But I will say that it is not a flexible job. Appen Butler Hill Jan 27, 5: Jan 27, 3: Jan 27, 4: Appen Butler Hill Feb 1, 1: I am curious if anyone else has crowdsourcing or social media evaluating experience with Appen?

From what I have read the social media position requires you to work at least four hours a day, five days a week. Seems a little restricting but it could be nice to have consistent hours on weekly basis.

The reason I ask is because I have seen quite a few job openings for them lately. I appreciate your insight Sparky, the typing would get to me as well! Then you do a short "Bake Off", which takes about 5 minutes, three hours after you initially finished, and you have to do that before midnight.

It is consistent, but you need to work 5 days a week and you need that three hour block in between your initial work and the bakeoff. I believe she also said her project was for 3 months only. Not sure if they will offer more work after that. Oh, and you need to have a Facebook account.

Feb 1, 1: Appen Butler Hill Feb 1, Hi,I am a newb here. Is there anywhere where I can contact support for lionbridge. This forum is not working correctly for me. I cannot reply or post or anything when I'm logged in other than in this shoutbox. Can anyone advise me as to what is going on? Apr 11, Is this a legit site? I've been having issues since I joined. I can't seem to post or reply on anything except this shoutbox.

Why do I keep getting the Login window when I hit reply on a discussion when I'm already logged in? This forum isn't working for me. Can someone please tell me how to delete my account? Welcome to the forum. Have you tried to clear cache and restart the browser? Apr 12, Guest, you can't post anything as a "guest. Apr 13, Does anyone know how to delete my account? Is there a customer service? May 5, 6: They keep me busy with plenty of projects, pay on time, and pay more than I have ever been paid for contract work before.

Convenient and easy work. This is a part-time remote position. The hours are extremely flexible. The work is not difficult, but it is very tedious. The guidelines for projects are often subjective and confusing.

I cannot disclose too much information due to signing a non disclosure agreement that I signed at time of employment. I was able to work from home with flexible hours not exceeding 4 hours a day. I enjoyed that part of the job as well. I learned how to write reviews in the ways that readers can understand The hardest part of the job was not being able to call someone for help or with technical issues.

Everything was done through email. The most enjoyable part of the job was the different types of things that I saw and had to review. Everyday was different and I enjoyed working out of my home as well. Appen provided a remote work from home environment. Provided flexible work hours and non demanding work loads. Definitely a great learning experience working on social media. Okay pay but not much work. They are great if you don't actually want to support yourself.

If its just supplemental, its fine. I was on a project for 3 months then they suddenly stopped it without much notice. Flexible and straight forward. This job is very flexible as it is a work from home job.

Over the years however there have been less large projects and more short based ones that require training. Many jobs now I just decline because it is not worth my time in unpaid training for just 1 hours worth of work. Flexible place to work. Appen is flexible and allows us to complete our work whenever it is best for us. Since so many work from home jobs have set hours, this is a great benefit! Rating ads is a pretty cool job and allows me to learn about many new products and services that I was unaware of.

The managers are very communicative. They keep us updated on all changes and announcements and give us great paid training. I feel like I get great support and have all the necessary tools to be successful. This is something I have never experienced at a workplace and realize how much better the managerial style is at Appen.

Solid work from home. Self paced work system Very repetitive work Wide window of work time Work volume deadlines Web based management communication Management was very speedy with responses. Great job for stay at home moms! I searched for online positions that weren't telephone related or something that looked like a scam and after a year and a half Appen hired me for a project.

They let you work when you want as long as you fill your weekly hours. They are based in AU so communications are tough but for the position freedom and financial compensation it's still worth it! Very Flexible and Remotely Fun. Everyone has the opportunity to work for Appen, they are fun to work with and it helps build your knowledge on what you want to do in the future i love it. The hardest part was finding the right things to say in the reviews but the best part was that it helped me learn about so many things and it taught me more and more everyday.

Appen Rater 1 year. It has been an interesting ride I have been employed about a year. Things were great up until a laptop I bought last summer in went kaput earlier this year in I had both, but the PC hasn't charged since February.

I use the smartphone since as backup. At first I had no problems using the smartphone for job duties.

But I can only get access to the work though this way a few days per month at most. The rest of the time they want the PC! Why ask if workers have smartphones if you won't allow them to be used to access the work assignments? Anyway suffice it to say some projects got canceled. PMs thinking I couldn't log in enough I am now at great risk of losing this gig altogether.

Was told I would have X amount of hours work at X amount an hour. They didn't give me the kind of work I'd trained with them for.

Working for Appen

Types of Work-at-Home Opportunities at Appen The company offers many of its existing employees the option to work from home or any location worldwide. However, it also has a number of freelance or independent contractor positions that are home-based. Appen Butler Hill is a company that regularly hires people to work from home doing search engine evaluation, social media evaluation, crowdsourced short tasks, and even transcription and translation work. Appen is flexible and allows us to complete our work whenever it is best for us. Since so many work from home jobs have set hours, this is a great benefit! Rating ads is a pretty cool job and allows me to learn about many new /5().