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Aug 19,  · Can a 16 year old work from home? I'm turning 16 in October and I was wondering if there was a job over the internet that I could work for at home. I do not want to work at some fast food restaurant and I don't live near many stores that are Resolved.

Online Jobs For 16 Year Olds

One of the most well-paying jobs a year-old can get is as a teenage Uhaul reservation sales agent. It will be up to you to provide good customer service by helping customers with whatever they need. All you need to get started as a teenage video editor is a decent video editing software program that you can use to do projects for your clients. You will then be responsible for taking the footage they give you and changing it to be how they want it, whether they need clips cut together in a creative new way, background music or special effects added, or a long video trimmed down.

Video Game Currency Seller. All you have to do is gather game currency, rare or special items, or achievements that you can then sell to other users. You can even sell game accounts for money. Becoming an independent teenage video game designer where you put in all the work of creating a game yourself is certainly one way to go, but you can also make money designing video games by getting hired by a game design company.

Either way, it helps to be creative and have a good understanding of what goes into a great game, as well as some coding experience. Those who make the most money by uploading videos of themselves playing or streaming their playing sessions live are the ones who are really great at a game or who are funny and interesting to watch. This is an important job for checking every aspect of the game in every level to check for glitches, bugs, and other problems that either makes the game unplayable, more difficult, or could ruin the reputation of the game company.

As a teenage virtual assistant, you may be responsible for creating documents, doing data entry work, making phone calls to customers, answering or sorting emails, or setting up appointments.

Whether or not your voice is unique, you can still make money as a teenage voiceover specialist, since you never know what type of voice someone might need. There are a huge variety of types of work that you could be doing, from radio or TV commercials to cartoons and movies, or audio books! You simply have to be creative about planning out what a website is going to look like and what everything on the site needs to do.

You will need to know how to code, but once you learn it, then you will be able to make a lot of money as a teenage web developer since these jobs are in high demand. As such, you will take care of the website for a company or organization. You will be responsible for keeping the website updated with new information, finding problems that need to be fixed, and coming up with ideas for improving the website to make it even better.

Becoming a teenage YouTuber is even more simple than you might think. You will be responsible for coming up with creative ideas for your videos, filming and editing your videos, and then posting them to YouTube. To be a teenage artist, all you really need to do is create art, then sell it.

You could create paintings, drawings, sculptures, or anything you love and are good at. As far as finding a place to sell your art, there are plenty of craft fairs and art festivals you can attend any time of the year, or consider offering to do commissioned works for friends and family members. This is a great job for year-olds who are looking for a way to get started in the beauty industry.

As a teenage assistant hair dresser, you will do whatever is needed, which could include helping to mix hair dyes. Babysitting can be hard work depending on how many kids you are watching and their personalities, but it can also be a fun way to make money. People who are having parties or other special events that need a large number of sweet treats will hire you to make them. If you have the skills necessary to maintain and fix bikes, then you can become a teenage bike mechanic.

As a teenage bike mechanic, you can also perform routine maintenance to keep bikes in good running order. Whether you are a teenage camp counselor at a sleep-away camp all summer long or a day camp that only happens in the afternoons, this is a very rewarding job that also comes with a lot of responsibilities.

You will be responsible for the kids in your cabin or group, lead or assist with various camp activities, and may even help plan the schedule for the camp. This job requires you to very carefully clean the outside and inside of a car so that it looks as clean as the day it rolled out of the factory. This can be a great job for teens because people pay good money to keep their cars looking amazing.

Whether you set yourself up at your own house or find an even better location, you can make money as a teenage car washer. Then when you have enough experience working as a line cook, you can become a teenage chef. Being a teenage concession stand worker can be a fun job, especially if you like being in a busy, fast-paced environment. You can find work as a teenage concession stand worker at fairs, carnivals, and other events where you will be responsible for taking orders, accepting money and giving change, and handing people their food.

Sometimes you will also be responsible for helping with the cooking while working at the concession stand. Being a teenage dog walker is a great opportunity for teens to make some extra money.

As a teenage dog walker, you will need to get some clients, then commit to taking their dogs for a walk as often as they want. You might also be expected to play with their dogs and make sure their dogs are in good physical health when you get back from your walks. If you love working hard outside and want to learn all that you can about farming, then you should become a teenage farm hand.

As a teenage farm hand, you will work directly with the farmer to help with the many jobs that need to be done around the farm. You could be helping with the crops, animals, or maintaining the property, so make sure you show up ready to work hard. A teenage farm worker should already know the basics of working on a farm, so they can take more responsibility for what the farmer needs to have taken care of. This is a great job for year-olds that have farming experience and can be given tasks such as fixing structures, checking on animals, or going out into the field without the farmer needing to constantly check on them.

All you need is a paint brush and a willingness to do the work, and you can soon be making money as a teenage fence painter. In this job, you will be helping people keep their garages cleaned out. You might get hired for the weekend to completely clean out their garage, or you might get ongoing work taking care of basic sweeping and cobweb removing. People will hire you to help them get the many jobs done that it takes to have a successful sale, and you could find yourself getting paid for the weekend or taking home a percentage of the sales.

Being a teenage gardener is certainly hard work, but it can also be very rewarding to watch things grow. You will need to come up with ideas for making a gift basket, buy all the items for it, and present it in a creative way so that people will want to buy it to give as a gift. As long as you have previous experience riding horses, you can make money as a teenage horse riding instructor. However you work it out, all you really need to get started as a teenage horse riding instructor is a horse and a student.

When people go on vacation, they will hire you to watch their house if you decide to make money as a teenage house sitter. As a teenage landscaper, you might help plant flowers or bushes, remove old mulch and lay new mulch, trim trees and bushes, and keep the grass cut and free from sticks, leaves, and other debris. A simple job for any year-old to start making money with is as a teenage lawn mower.

Once you have your delicious lemonade mixed up and plenty of ice and cups, you can find a big outdoor event like a fair or festival to start selling to the hot, thirsty people that are there who will be eager for a cold, refreshing drink. Once you get the right certifications so you can save a life if you need to, you can start applying for jobs as a teenage lifeguard.

There are many pools, beaches, clubs, and summer camps that will hire you to work for the summer. When it comes to being a teenage makeup artist, the direction you take this job to make money is completely up to you as there are many options that will depend on whether or not you want to make a career out of doing makeup.

But, you may also be able to work as a teenage mascot for a business, standing on the side of the road with a sign to direct people in. Getting started as a teenage model is as simple as getting signed by an agency and then getting selected to work for various companies that need pictures, videos, or live models to promote their products. Depending on your abilities, you can teach beginners or even more advanced students which keeps things interesting and fun if you decide to work as a teenage music teacher.

There are so many things that need to be done around a national park that you will never be bored if you choose to work as a teenage national park worker. You will be responsible for doing whatever the park rangers need you to do, which could include checking and clearing trails, teaching visitors about the park and wildlife there, and taking care of sick or injured animals.

You will likely have to get up early in the morning to get the papers from the warehouse, then take them and make sure each one gets to the houses that have paid for it. Other delivery jobs will have you deliver smaller papers to every house.

Depending on the type and number of animals, you may be expected to visit their home once or twice a day to care for them, or could even bring the animals to your own home.

As a teenage pool cleaner, you will be responsible for checking the chemical balances of the pools, getting the big stuff out of the water with a net, and using a special pool vacuum to clean the bottom of the pool. Depending on how quickly you can work, you can make quite a bit of money helping people keep their nice shoes looking nice and shiny. No matter what sport you choose, you can make money as a teenage sports trainer.

Once you have your lessons planned and get your students, you will be responsible for teaching them the rules of the sport, all the techniques that they need to know, and helping them improve on those techniques. This job can be a lot of work, but is also a lot of fun. As long as you know how to swim, you can become a teenage swimming instructor. Even if you only know the basics, you can still make money in the summer doing this by teaching beginners how to swim.

If you do know more advanced swimming strokes and techniques, then you can teach an even wider range of classes as a teenage swimming instructor. There are many jobs available for teens at fun and exciting places, like that of a teenage theme park attendant. You might be responsible for selling tickets to visitors, exchanging tickets for prizes, selling food or other items in a booth, or managing the rides.

Whatever you do, you want to make sure you stay focused on doing your job right and not worry about all the excitement around you. For year-olds that want to make easy money in the summer, you can become a teenage water salesman.

All you need to do is get some water bottles, keep them cold, and find a big event where there are a lot of thirsty people to sell to. At a big enough event, you can easily make a lot of money in just one day as a teenage water salesman.

However, as long as you have the skills to work as a referee, you can usually find a lot of work in your neighborhood, especially if you have connections with leagues or coaches from that sport. Although these jobs can be hard to get because there are many people who want them, getting work as a teenage zoo assistant is an amazing opportunity for teens to be able to get paid to work up close and personal with a number of different types of animals.

You will work closely with the other zookeepers and could do anything from preparing meals for the animals to talking to visitors. In the winter, you can make money as a teenage car snow remover and also help people get to work on time.

The best way to do this is to set up a subscription service in your neighborhood at the beginning of winter. Then, every time it snows, you know exactly which cars you need to dig out and uncover to get paid as a teenage car snow remover. All you need to do is offer your services to people, then go and help them move their Christmas tree from their home to the curb.

Depending on your area, you might also be required to cut the tree into pieces for it to be removed by the garbage men, so be prepared to do that as well. There are many stores that hire gift wrappers around the holidays where you will be responsible for helping choose wrapping paper, carefully wrapping the gift, then adding extras like bows and ribbons to make it beautiful for the person getting it.

You could also do this right from home! As a teenage holiday decorator, you could be responsible for setting up and decorating Christmas trees, hanging stockings, putting up Christmas lights, and setting up outdoor Christmas decorations for people in your neighborhood. You will have to make delicious hot chocolate, then find people to sell it to, whether you go door-to-door, or — better yet — a winter festival where there will be a lot of cold people.

In the fall and winter, you can make good money as a teenage log splitter. Whether you find your own wood to split and then sell to people or help people that have their own wood to cut it into smaller pieces that fit inside their fireplaces or wood-burning stoves, you need to be strong, hard-working, and aware of the dangers that can come with working with an axe.

You could even end up being a model for photographers or art students. The possibilities and opportunities for teenage models are endless! If you know a lot about skiing, then you can make good money as a teenage ski instructor. This is a great way for teens to make money in the winter. You could get hired by a ski resort to give lessons to their guests, or you could also work independently to make more money as long as you can find your own students. Either way, you can get paid to hit the slopes!

One of the best winter jobs a year-old can have is as a snow shoveler. As long as you have a snow shovel and are willing to work out in the cold, you can get paid by neighbors to clear their sidewalks and driveways. An easy way to make even more money as a teenage snow shoveler is to offer to also put down salt that will keep ice from building up on shoveled surfaces. Camp is no longer just for the summer which is why you can make money as a teenage winter camp instructor. You can also be responsible for kids who attend winter camps, either during Christmas break or on weekends during the winter months.

You will be responsible for making sure the kids in your group are safe and having fun, and leading various winter activities such as snow fort building or skiing.

All you need to do is make unique and well-made scarves, hats, mittens, sweaters, and more, then sell them to people you know. If you're trying to find the best job for 16 year olds that pays well, there are a few different directions you could choose.

Generally speaking, most of the entrepreneurial types of jobs and freelance jobs listed in the " Online Jobs " area are the highest paying. However, these jobs are also the ones that take the longest to make a lot of money in. In order to be really successful in any of these types of positions, you'll need to spend quite a bit of time working really hard and you'll likely earn little income. However, after months of hard work, it's very possible that you'll make quite a bit of income each month.

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Finding jobs for 16 and 17 year olds can be tough, but we've got all the info you need on legal working age requirements. What is the legal age to work? by: Amy White. I was wondering if I just have to stop working by 11pm and go home or I have to be home by 11pm. Since curfew, as long as there’s someone who’s over 18 or whatever is. CONNECTICUT WORK RESTRICTIONS FOR AND YEAR-OLDS. No or year-old can work more than 48 hours in any one week while attending school. They cannot work more than nine hours in any day, unless the 48 hours weekly maximum is worked in five days. In that case, the minor may work nine and 3/5 hours per day. Aug 16,  · Here's how to succeed at working from home. Aug 16, , am. You can create a work culture at home that represents you, not .