7 Companies That Let You Work From Home

Building a team rewards the Consultants with even greater earnings. I promote on Social media. Payments are made every week. It is a fact. Is it available in Canada? Check out the site jbsono. Earlier this year, FlexJobs released their annual list of the top companies to watch for remote work from home jobs in the months ahead.

Jan 17,  · The top sectors offering such work are health care, computer/IT, education/training, sales, customer service, finance and travel/hospitality of the 19 industries represented on the list. Five of the fastest-growing remote career categories are therapy, virtual administration, client services, tutoring, and state and local government.

The work from home experience

It is a bonus if you are skilled in Excel. So, there you have it—19 companies that offer transcription jobs online for beginners. Remember, sign up for one or both of the free mini courses at TranscribeAnywhere. Do you know of an opportunity I missed? Have you worked for one of the companies listed? This post may contain affiliate links. Please see the disclosure for more information.

You'll get a confirmation email in just a second with a link to your free quick-start guide. Ashlee Anderson is a career blogger and freelance writer. She enjoys helping others 'think outside the cubicle' so they too can find happiness in working on their own terms. This was very helpful information! Do you need to have certain software on your computer?

Or Would I be able to complete this type of work with my iPad that connects to a keyboard and a good headset? Transcription work is great for supplemental income! Typically, you need some kind of software to playback the audio files.

In most cases, the industry standard is Express Scribe. There is a free and paid version available for download. Sometimes, a company will require you to use their own software. For example, if you are a Captioner for REV, you have to use their platform known as Quill in order to caption for them.

Thank you for your time. I too have a legal background and never had any problems finding transcription work. Best of luck to you! I dont have a uptodate resume,,, and i have data and a trying back ground in medical and banking.. This was very helpful. Where can you get a foot pedal? Thank you for stopping by!

Transcription work was one of the first ways I started to piece together a living from home. Eventually, I did break down and get a foot pedal from Amazon.

Transcription is a great way to to work from home with a lot of work available! If you need anything, please let me know! Hi, This is a very helpful article. I just want to ask if you know if any of these transcription jobs pay via wire transfer? I hope you can help. My current work schedule is getting ready to change.

Is it something that the pay could increase with time? But I really want to work from home. Any helpful information is appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by! These companies contract with clients and then contract the work out to a transcriptionist, like you. If you work as a freelance general transcriptionist, you can definitely increase your rates as you gain experience.

You may also want to consider buying a foot pedal to increase your speed and productivity. The industry standard transcription software can be downloaded for free. The freebie version will do everything you need it to do as a beginner. However, the free version is only compatible with one specific foot pedal called AltoEdge — so keep this in mind. You can also email me directly at ashlee workfromhomehappiness.

I just want you to know that you are doing a very good job. The information u provide is really helpful. Im a begginer freelance transcriptionist. My laptop just developed a little problem. Will email u if i need assistance. Im grateful in advance. Thanks for the useful information. Is it possible to work as an independent contractor when you live outside the US? Thanks for taking the time to bring us these amazing sites that offer Transcription jobs In fact, transcribing audio needs someone who can stay focused with strict attention to detail.

Thanks for the info! Do you know which of these might pay the best? Great information, thank you. A couple questions…could you tell me what the average bring home is? Also what is a foot pedal? Really, it depends on how fast you are and how much work is available.

In transcription, the real money comes when you source your own clients. And, believe me when I say, there are a lot of them out there — podcasters, bloggers, marketers, lawyers, authors, and teachers to name a few all use transcriptionists for different projects. You should head on over to TranscribeAnywhere to take their freebie mini course. But again, consider heading on over to TranscribeAnywhere to see whether or not you could actually see yourself working as a typist.

Do you think that will be okay with some of these companies? Thank you in advance, Ashlee! Thanks for stopping by. I want to start from begining can u help me out it n guide properly so that I can get job..

Though, I know if I can hang in there that with some experience, in the future, I can apply for positions for more experienced transcriptionists and can then begin to make more money. Most people probably use these opportunities as ways to earn extra money and not main sources of income.

Why not take a look at Rev? I believe their captioners do not need to have experience to get started, you just need to pass a short test to get approved for paid assignments. As long as I can hang in there money-wise, it is a good way to get experience!

I worked as a medical transcriptionist for several years and I am very interested to work as a home based transcriptionist. I just want to ask if you have a list of companies that accept international on-line workers? Thanks for your reply. Thanks to your earnest write up and replies on this blog, I just enrolled in Transcribe Anywhere class using your link.

If this is so, do you know where we can get the best rates? Many professionals choose to carry this type of personal liability insurance including CPAs, bloggers, financial advisors, writers, etc. Typically, transcription companies will have this insurance to protect their contractors. However, if it gives you added peace of mind, it is worth it and often very affordable. For your cool transcription jobs, please visit: Thanks so much for this.

Really appreciate you sharing this with us! Out of the 19 listed, can you give your personal recommendation for just general work with fair pay? Before signing security forms, I did my research and read a lot of negative reviews from former in-house employees about the ethics of their business practices and just general running of the business and treatment of employees. I was really turned off, so decided not to continue on that basis as well.

I was wondering if you knew of the same kind of news from any of the companies you listed. Can you apply for more than one company? That way you can overlap jobs? So when one is not offering much of anything you may have a different company offering some.

I am looking at get started in transcripiton on a part-time basis. How do I get started? I am looking for about 15 hours a week of work as I already work full-time. I know I need a headset and footpedal. Am a Kenyan citizen. I wanted to say, thank you for the very helpful information. I am a beginner and was looking for another job; possibly at home. I have medical background and live in the US.

Thank you so much for starting this websie. I have been researching and looking online for typing at home jobs and this is the most information that I have gotten without having to pay for the program or information.

It has been really helpful and greatly appreciated. Go Transcript, just click on the link below. I was wondering if someone could help me. Ideally I would want to work from home. Is legal or medical transcription in higher demand? Also can anyone recommend or refer me to where they received their training?

I have been reading where many say they wasted money on schooling or online courses. Any input would be much appreciated. This was a very informative and educational site to explore. It has been my desire for many years to transcribe full-time, but I never had the time while I was gainfully employed as a legal secretary and paralegal. Now that I am retired I am finding out that I am bored to tears. Transcribing full time has been a life long dream and now I can finally make it happen.

I have over 45 years of transcribing experience in a law firm setting. Before I leave this site , I want to say Thank you to Ashlee Anderson for putting this out here for beginners like I am. Work from Home now!!! Interested to start an antique or small electronics based product from home. Any suggestions or idea.

Have you checked out Gazelle? On their platform you can sell used electronics: On Ruby Lane you can sell antiques: I am so excited to share this!! Our products promote hair growth, is gluten free and has so many more great benefits!

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested!! Folks I have started working for the firm and it is the best company to work for, they pay you well and the products are amazing. Like to know more email me at salti yahoo. The site is melaluca. BUT, to no avail! They are hands down the BEST in the business.

Essential Oils are literally the Earths Gift to all living creatures dependent upon its Gifts. Come visit us at http: ALL of my information is there and you are welcome to contact me any time through email, Facebook, text or call! I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for sharing, Jacqueline. I did read through two pages of comments and to my surprise did not see anyone with Pure Romance.

We sell adult novelties, lingerie, lotions, etc. We sell leggings, Canadian made clothing, tops and other accessories! This company is based out of St.

They have very low startup cost which is what attracted me to join them! Leggings are becoming very popular everywhere! My website is http: Very family oriented too! We offer everything from health care products to skin care! But are best known for their wraps…ever hear of that crazy wrap thing?!

My website for this company is http: I truly love working from home! I am a mother of eight who never thought I would participate in a party plan company. I joined two years ago and am getting ready to go on my third incentive trip this one to Mexico with my husband all expenses paid even our flights!

Our products are beautiful and inspiring. If you are interested in being a part of a Christian company and would like to know more, please contact me through my website, http: Great post and very informative as I did not know some of these existed.

I would like to also add Arbonne to this list. My sister-in-law introduced it to me 3 years ago and it is still relatively unknown especially since she was the only one I knew of that was talking about it and selling it.

I recommend everyone at least get a facial to try. We sell skincare, haircare, makeup, and even nutrition, all of which I have tried and highly recommend.

KEEP-Collective is jewelry you design to tell your story. Hi there, how would I go about sharing my natural heath product here? It is getting rave reviews from people who have tried it, and is fast acting as well just after 10 minutes and lasts the entire day, it is also certified kosher and halal.

The are the only company I know that is a home based company that provides insurance options to their Brand Partners AND gives their brands partners and customers free product. And it practically sells itself. Whereas other companies require multiple products to see results, our NeriumAD the most popular product we sell is a one product system. You can check out my webpage at http: I sell cookware, bakeware, pantry seasonings, cookbooks, pots, pans, entertaining items and more. You can earn SO much for free by hosting a party and I make it incredibly fun to do online Facebook Parties.

The sky is the limit, whatever the host wants I work hard to get it for them! Contact me at my website http: I would love to do a party with anyone, or give more information into how pampered us Consultants are! You will LOVE it. Contact me fore more information! Good luck on your journey! Hi I joined Sparkly Expressions which launched in October Fun jewelry accessories and clothing and very affordable.

Simply Aroma is an awesome company to sell from. It is an essential oil company. Also Linen World is a good company too. They are free to join. They sell blankets and household gifts. I have started with a new company called Sexydivalingerieparties.

I love it so far. The people are very helpful and they have great incentives. Not only is a ground floor opportunity but we have so many great products from Lingerie, Plus sized lingerie, Adult games and toys. Please feel free to check it out or if you want more info can contact me!

This is a very generous direct sales company. They sell green cleaning products that save time and money. Their products are fantastic. I finally found products I love to use and demonstrate. Please checkout my website http: What a great list of income potentials and thank you for also adding the information. I have participated in a few of these for a little bit of time before committing to blogging.

I have a few family members that are also Beachbody coaches and are very happy with their income and the perks they get along with the company. Glad you enjoyed the list, Addi. For right now blogging keeps me super busy! And I love it! How do I get started with blogging? I am a good writer and would like to use it to make money. Hi Theresa, This article will give you a great place to start your blogging journey: I sell for a company that is literally sweeping the nation.

Senegence is provides long lasting water proof cosmetics with a whole line of skin care. Our primer product is LipSense. It is a long lasting wear that smudge proof, kiss proof and water proof. Go to the website and Check us out. If u are interested use distributor number We celebrate women as well as family.

The company also gives to charities. The incentives for New Consultants are wonderful! Please take a moment to check it out. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me at dwawhi aol.

I have been with them for almost 3 yrs now Scentsy https: I do Avon on the side http: My id mnxrwt gmail. The brand is visually appealing, with their quirky-unique products names and creative designs, as well as being an overall quality product.

This product suited me perfectly because I put my hands through rigorous hand washing and frequent alcohol based hand rubs. That is to be expected, as I am a practicing registered nurse. The natural based product delivers a level of healing that exceeds that of the well known brands we all know today. This company is very new, being several years old; so, there is much room for opportunity. Take so time to click on my link and discover for yourself what it means to be PerfectlyPosh.

Indulge in the product, or make the move to become part of a fast moving team!!! Usborne Books and More! Great business opportunity promoting literacy while offering quality both in content and construction books and activity packs. I am a consultant with Norwex and it has been amazing!

I sold that in my 1st month. I would love to tell you more about the Norwex opportunity. I am very surprised not to see Younique on here for beauty products. They have their number one seller the 3D fiber lash mascara which is SO awesome!! I love it so much and their products are all natural.

And all of the ladies are so sweet. I am so glad that I joined this company when I did. If you are interest in know more please go to my website youniqueproducts. I recently started with a company called Le-Vel and their Trive product makes you feel so much better that it is life changing.

Also there is no fee to become a promoter. You can check it out at http: We offer so many more Greta products and have helped thousands of people. And you can get your product for free every month! Thrive by Le-Vel is a nutritional supplement company that has a super simple system without the restrictions and requirements you typically see in a nutritional system..

Holly, do you have an updated list of the best at home businesses to have since the last postings here were in ? Something fresh and new nobody for ? These companies are fairly new: So make sure you do your due diligence and research them extensively. Hi Loni, i am not sure if you found a company yet or not but i think seacret would be a great opportunity for you there just branched out into the direct sales market about two years ago and do not have many reps yet compared to other already familiar companies.

Nikken Has been around 40 years treat Women Equal for 40 Years. We are a company committed to reducing the use of chemicals in our homes.

Check out my website at http: If you would like to know more please feel free to leave a reply. Another new company is Makeup Eraser! Waterproof makeup, face paint, 3D lashes, and more! Visit my website to learn more http: Great company to work for.

This is a wonderful list! My husband and I are independent consultants for Paparazzi Accessories. It is a huge blessing to be able to work from home or pretty much wherever we choose to work from for the day. We offer beautiful, high-quality rings, bracelets, necklaces, head bands, hair clips, earrings, and lanyards for women of all ages.

As a party host you can earn free jewelry. If you would like more information, feel free to contact me and if you would like to join the team feel free to visit http: I have read and liked your article. I am in Kenya and looking for a home based business.

Please anyone help me. I dont have alot of money. I am a stay home mum of three. There is the Disney Travel Planner program. This post has some other travel ideas: I work with Trades of Hope, which partners with women in difficult situations around the world to empower them out of poverty by marketing their beautiful, handmade, fair trade products. Princess Charming is always ready to fulfill the desires for our customers and are always looking for new designs and ideas.

So, if you want to express your love among others with our variety of charming products,let us know — Princess Charming is here! Literally something for everyone. LOVE the opportunities direct sales gives everyone. Ever heard the old Adage Timing is Everything?

Join the fastest growing Direct Selling Company in the U. Nerium International has sales of million with just 2 products in 3 years. No other company has posted these kind of numbers in the year history of DIrect Selling.

Nerium uses Real Science to get Real Results. Nerium will be releasing 2 additional products in April that will take the company to a new level. We need Brand Partners now to help us with the demand. Check out my website for more information: Linen World has great household items wrapped up in one exciting website.

We have a lot to choose from. So, check out my website to see what Linen World has to offer. This company is very rewarding. Young Living Essential Oils is a seed to seal company. Oils that are organically grown and then steam and distilled for the highest grade. YL oils are for those of you who wish to have things naturally help them in what ever way they can. Oils can be used as aroma therapy, topically, vita-flex points and chakra. To learn more about YLEO please contact me thru my website.

On my website you can look at all the different oils, healthy balancing, facial creams, body lotions, soap and more. I offer incentives with a sign up with me. If anyone can help me get started or has any advice they can share with me please email me.

This page has lots of different ways you can make some extra cash: Send me an email, I have a great work at home job that you would likely be interested in! Norwex is also a great company to do direct sales with. Based out of Norway, the company has been around for over 20 years. They produce high quality microfiber cloths that can be used to clean your entire house with only water.

Their mission is to reduce the use of toxic chemicals. No monthly dues or sales goals. Lots of great incentives. I will try out some of these money opportunities but I already know that not all of these will work for everyone by my own experiences like Avon! Please it does not work at all unless u have a lot of. Avon is not for everybody!! Good Morning, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on work at home websites that is not selling.

No investment in inventory! Younique is a wonderful new high quality cosmetic and skin care company. We promote products online through social media, there are no home parties, no monthly sales quotas, and no inventory is required because products are shipped via your website to the customer from Younique. Please read more today on my website under the JOIN tab. I hope to hear from you soon!! Hi everyone, we have a great opportunity that we have been working with for a couple of years and it is really paying off each month.

We are looking for the right people to join our group, we do not believe in pressure sales. Use, Share and Build is what we do with our group. Online training available, group webinars and fun calls to help build your business. This is not for everyone but the products are. Visit our site and ask any questions http: I sell Thirty-One Gifts and I love it! Most of which can be personalized! Check out my website! I have had the pleasure of being a designer with origami owl for almost a year and it has truly been a blessing.

The product sells itself. If you have any questions feel free to email me deedeeslockets gmail. Not sure if I missed it but I am an ItWorks independent distributer. We are a Health and wellness company with our main product being a body wrap made from natural ingredients that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

We also provide different supplements and skin care items I have fallen in love with all the products and so has every one of my customers! Check out my webpage and feel free to contact me! The products are fabulous. I love this list. Any of these companies is such a great way to create your dreams. This site is amazing.

Great resource for all direct sales owners. Have you considered adding Paparazzi Accessories to your list? Women just love to buy and wear it. If you would like more info, let me know! Thanks for another great article! They are the only oil used in hospitals, and their quality is like no other.

Young Living produces organic, non-gmo, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Our team consists of the top ranking leaders in YL, and we have information and education available to us that no one else has access to. We are committed to growing our team in knowledge and profitability. YL has amazing customer service, and their products sell themselves. Contact me through my website to join our amazing team. You can email me: Check out jamberry nails, These have allowed me to stay home with my kids and not have to worry about money!

It is so easy, and these are so cool they sell them selves. I get paid to have pretty nails, and stay home! Hi… Very interested in jamberry but was wondering if they word on fake nails also? Most people I know have fake nails including myself but I love the designs. Any Jamberry Consultants out there? Here is another way to make money from home. I sell interior wall decals from home. I have an Esty shop and I plan on expanding to my own e-commerce site where I can sell my wall vinyl designs.

For this you do need a a computer, some software and a vinyl cutter. You could also sell locally. I learned everything I know from a blog site called Wall Decal Business. You can find it at http: The gentleman who runs the site is a full-time school teacher and he does this from home as a part-time.

He tells you all about the wall decal business and his personal experiences. Take a look if interior wall design is for you. Please check out my site at http: Jewelry in Candles is a must add to your list: Amazing products and company. Already climbing up the charts fast! Check out my store and read all the awesome details and see all the amazing products!

Feel free to contact me through my store. I have been apart of a direct sales company for about 6 months It is called younique it is an all natural line of cosmetics and skin care.

Visit my website http: Plexus Worldwide is an amazing company to work from home with, I never feel pressured to make sales, I am a product of the product which in return does the sales for me. The products are truly remarkable in that they are multi taskers and have had testimonial proof helping with so many health issues.

No website fees, 11 ways to earn, no home parties. I can go on and on about this company I have great passion for! When you become a Younique Presenter you get to do what you love, when you want to do it, while helping others along the way. Owning your own home-based business has never been easier or more rewarding, plus you get PAID to play with makeup everyday!! Plus you will be added to our online support group to help you grow your business! With our company you never have to worry about autoships or monthly fees.

This company is rapidly growing, and we would love for you to join our team! Contact me with any questions: I work for Jewelry In Candles by Sam. Our business is growing rapidly and we are seeking new reps! This includes your own eCommerce store and all of the current scent samples. You can work as little or as much as you want. No monthly quotas to keep your status. Just message me on Facebook or sign up at https: Hello everyone, I have found Mary Kay to be an excellent direct sales company.

You make 50 percent of your profit and there are so many other perks of course the pink Cadillac and other cars and growth potential. Send me a message for more information and recruiting opportunity, pinkmking yahoo.

If you would like more information email me baloghcrystal yahoo. Everything is done via your own website and the products are relevant to most people.

If you like more info look at http: Any ideas out there are welcome!! Hello Holly, Like the list a lot many great companies but I did not see Arbonne.

If you like Health care and wellness as well as beauty and skin care we sell it all for the whole family, Every thing is botanical and vegan. I can not believe no one has mentioned Tupperware! I even read through every comment before saying this! I am a Tupperware consultant and we have been around for 60 years! It is a great company to work for. Check out my website my2. This one is FREE! No start up fee required. Open your own boutique today. My boutique is called Fire and Ice. I am currently looking for new boutique owners.

You can also connect your boutique with many social media sites including Facebook. Any questions email me at crilovelegend44 gmail.

There are some companies like Arbonne skincare , Organo Gold Coffee , Isagenix weight loss , Lux International air, water, and home care products , Zija International weight loss , Nerium International skincare and Reliv health and wellness products that are open to international residents. Mary Kay is one of the oldest direct sales companies around. Although there are a large number of consultants, this opportunity is STILL making dreams for women everyday.

What are your goals for this new? Contact me for a very fun and exciting self-promoting career. Mary Kay is the best and brightest in the industry, having a 50 year history and a stellar reputation and great benefits, I believe this would be a great opportunity for anyone.

Check out the website to get started in your career and make the best ever! I have a couple of companies that are really pretty good! One that is new is Mineralicious Mineral Makeup http: I recently joined the KitsyLane family!

Love that this opportunity is FREE to join and love, love, love the fashionably beautiful jewelry and accessories. Please do stop by and take a look and feel free to join my team by starting your very own FREE boutique! I was wondering how it is working for you? Have you received a check yet? I just wanted to give a shout out to my awesome direct sales company, Premier Designs!!

We are a Christian based jewelry company selling high fashion jewelry at an affordable price. Premier is an amazing company with the best customer service ever. The start up cost is a little higher than some of the other companies listed here, but you make it back within the first few shows.

And we offer some of the most generous hostess benefits as well. Pure Romance is also a great company to work for! Awesome products and great benefits of being a consultant. There is no longer a wait list to become an Independent Designer with Origami Owl! Sign up today at http: Hi have you heard of Sabika Jewelry? Email me michenan comcast. I discovered it on a site called http: How about a 2 year direct ssles of the 1 Age-Defying Treatment.

Just use the product for 5 days and you will start seeing results. Let me send you a 5 day sample and you can see for yourself. Then you show your Younger face to your friends and then the sales start coming in. Just contact me with your mailing address and the sample is on the way to you. Hi Holly, great list! I read in one of your comments that you list the companies with lower saturation in the marketplace.

If anyone has been paying attention to the DS marketplace, you should know that NERIUMAD is rocketing to the moon with its flagship product — our age-defying night cream and now in just a few days, our new moisturizing day cream will be hitting the streets! I earned an iPad in my first 30 days! Have you heard of Paparazzi Accessories? They then decided to start up this biz to help out others!

Is there any direct sales for hair products and styling? I would like to be a consultant of health and wellness and fashion under one website. So sell make up, skin, jewellery, hair products and healthy living bit am having a hard time finding hair stuff to complete this idea. Here is a pretty big list of companies if you want to do more in depth research: I have been running a home based business for 2 yrs now and want encourage any woman or man out there thinking about it to stop thinking and take action now.

Because truly deserve the financial freedom. I agree that finding right product to get into key to your sucess, am currently selling unrefined shea butter, african black soap and coconut oil online and within my community. If any one is interested in some of my amazing products please visit, http: I love my Dove Chocolate Discoveries Job! It is an easy way to make a little extra money! If anyone is looking to get into a party business, please consider this one!

Please check out my website to learn more http: There are some good companies to choose from for a work from home business. If you love vintage inspired jewelry and are passionate about promoting products that are made here in the USA, come see the handcrafted artistry of Jewel Kade at my website http: We are also on Pinterest and Janet has her own blog. Our newest line includes custom wall canvas art as well!

The trick, of course, is finding legitimate, well-paid positions because work-at-home scams abound. To assemble our list of top work-at-home jobs, we combed through employment data to identify occupations with good hourly wages and promising growth prospects.

We then researched actual companies that hire home-based workers as well as career Web sites that strive to post legit work-at-home job openings. To weed out scammers, we checked out companies with the Better Business Bureau and other professional associations.

Average pay estimates are based on compensation data from the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Glassdoor. Actual pay will vary depending on many factors including education, experience, location, responsibilities, job performance and employer. Web search evaluators test the accuracy of online search results, examining different search terms and the Web sites they turn up. The job involves a lot of analytical thinking, so applicants must pass a test before companies such as Appen and Leapforce will hire them as independent contractors.

Appen also hires social media evaluators. Web search evaluators generally choose their own hours. Home-based transcription predates the Internet, making it, in some ways, the quintessential work-at-home job.

Medical transcriptionists type doctors' dictated notes and use them to prepare memos and reports. A good transcriptionist is more than a typist. Increasingly, medical firms want their employees to have associate's degrees or vocational certificates, as well as an advanced understanding of medical terminology. Amphion Medical Solutions requires experience but promises flexible hours and a full range of benefits. Precyse, a large health information management firm, also hires experienced home-based transcriptionists.

When you dial a company's help line, the call typically goes to a large call center in the U. But increasingly, customer service calls also route to home-based agents, who answer questions, help customers place orders and maintain accounts through their computers.

Hours are flexible and few firms require specific education or experience. Training usually paid is provided, and you will be expected to have phone and Internet service that meet minimum standards. Also expect to undergo a credit or background check.

All three are highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, usually hire reps as employees rather than contractors, and offer benefits such as paid vacation and medical insurance to full-time workers. Thinking of going back to school? Computer geeks can make solid salaries as computer support specialists, where demand is high and hours flexible. Working out of home offices, many computer support specialists are hired on a contract basis by tech support firms to provide assistance to a range of businesses.

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rows · Jan 31,  · But it’s hard to find legitimate work-from-home opportunities that aren’t too . "From baby boomers to millennials, working from home is the most in-demand type of work flexibility job seekers are interested in, and companies need to recognize that or they're going to lose talent, " said Sara Sutton Fell, Founder and CEO of FlexJobs. If you want to work from home and have been looking for a remote job for a while, there’s a new list of the top 25 companies that are taking applications right now! FlexJobs analyzed more than 50, companies to identify those that have recruited the most part-time remote workers so far in