How to Make Money Doing Drive By Inspections

Job Description Job Purpose: Profits in Foreclosure Inspections Bad economic times can mean an increase in foreclosures as people are unable to pay off their mortgages. On some of the homes they need you to knock on the door and give the homeowner a note from the bank. Some … [Read More The more expensive cameras also have superior components that result in sharper focus and proper exposures on the fly. Starting a Drive-By Property Inspection Business in 6 Easy Steps Starting a drive-by property inspection business is probably a lot easier than you think. It just keeps getting better!

Jan 06,  · Home based Field Inspection Jobs. Updated on March 3, Research Analyst. more. Work at home based inspection business. I found that Virtual Vocations has a job listing for a Work at Home Home Field Inspector/Picture Taker. The job is for a large bank seeking 3 sub contractors to take photos and verify occupancy of homes in the 9.

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Your job is to verify the condition or location of homes, cars, equipment or damage to items. Most inspections take less than 30 minutes to complete, and you don't really need any qualifications to become an inspector. Locate field inspection companies in your area.

There is no special education requirements for field inspectors, as you get your forms from the company you work for and basically get on-the-job training. However, if you would like to focus your search, you can find various websites that offer training manuals for field inspectors that feature a directory of national and regional field inspection companies.

The cost is usually minimal, and they can provide valuable information in your job search. Make sure you have the necessary equipment. You will need reliable transportation because you will be responsible for getting yourself to the inspection sites. You also will need a cell phone, computer with Internet connection and printer and a digital camera.

On your resume, you'll want your contact info, address and pertinent skills. If you have any real estate licenses, be sure and put that info on your resume. Apply to companies in your area. It is good idea to give companies a list of towns or cities in your region that you are willing to drive to. Some companies may require that you give them a list of local zip codes. Do a professional job. Stop Foreclosure Advice on Paying Your Mortgage Those facing foreclosure will eventually miss payments and need to move, to understand the process it takes some research into how the state you live in handles deed of trust and mortgage state such as when Work at home based inspection business.

How to find field inspector jobs Become a field inspector search for field inspector jobs, field service inspectors provide property inspection services for banks, lenders, finance, loan servicers and investors, insurance industries, many Here is a list of some companies that are hiring field inspectors: National Vendor Management Services Inc. NVMS provides a wide array of residential and commercial property inspection services. Some of the residential and commercial inspection services include:.

Due to the extensive types of inspections performed by these national property preservation companies there will be plenty of jobs and work for those who want to make money from home working as an independent contractor to these companies: Go to the companies website look for the contact us section and send them an email look for a contractor employment application and sign up with as many companies as you like.

Field Inspection Services Careers and Employment. They will give you a homes a day in the same neighborhood. We require a photo of the front of the house and the street sign. On some of the homes they need you to knock on the door and give the homeowner a note from the bank.

They also require you to email them the information from your car. So you must own a laptop computer with a wireless internet data card. You must also own a camera with a date stamp on it. You must speak English and it would help if you can speak Spanish also. New Jersy Home Inspection Jobs, Many companies will post a work at home job on these websites, because they tend to be more reliable and find qualified candidates for a work at home job.

Home inspection jobs in Maryland is found on the career jet employment site. Which has the following job listings:. Is foreclosure cleaning business a scam?

Many are asking if cleaning foreclosures is a scam, if you are wondering this to then you must read this before you start a business cleaning banked owned properties.

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Virtual Vocations has a job listing for a Work at Home Home Field Inspector/Picture Taker, the job is for a Large bank seeking 3 sub contractors to take photos and verify occupancy of homes in the valley. 3, Foreclosed Homes a Week Creates Opportunity For Field Inspectors. By Craig Wallin. Foreclosures are providing a lot of work for field inspectors in the area of delinquency inspections. When a homeowner is unable to make their payments, lenders and banks will often send a field inspector to the home to find out what is going on. You visit the home, talk to the occupant or a neighbor that can verify occupancy, take a photo or two, and you’re on the way with $15 to $25, all completed in about 15 minutes. That’s basically more than $1 for each minute of work.