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Help me to find a job that could best fit my abilities. I am seeking both copy typing and audio transcription work. Hi, Your article is too good and useful for the job seekers. I type very fast with high level of accuracy and I would want to know the steps to be taken towards having access to online typing jobs as soon as possible. Sir, please suggest me how I can get legitimate online work?

Are All Typing & Data Entry “Jobs” a Scam? This blog was designed with these recommended tools. We are proudly supported by affiliate links & sponsored ads that pay the bills.


Only a qualified lawyer can tell you the odds of winning the case as per the provisions in the Indian Penal Code should these people go ahead with the legal proceedings. The contract that was signed for the work is beyond normal capability, hence this contract will be rejected. Will there becourt case of failing to complete task within given time or not maintaining accuracy plz reply Ur mail id or msg me on my email. At least not for low accuracy.

I am also a new member of Unity Wealth! Yes Some Modus Bogus I can say. I just meant that the Unity Wealth website domain name is not owned by a company, but an individual. Most reliable companies buy the domain name under their brand name and registered address of the company. Thanks alot for this Article. I was a victim also of owomoney. But yet , they didnt pay.

Instead they were saying I should do a quick verification which involved paying them through bitcoin. They are all scammers. I feel sorry for the people I referred. I wish I read this article before starting in the first place. If you are looking for high paying jobs, you must develop relevant skills. Without skills, you can just earn part-time income at websites like ClixSense and Microworkers. I was also a victim of that so-called emymoney. I have reached 40 referrals and earned more than US dollar but they did not pay me because they wanted me to pay first in bitcoin which that would mean, they are scamming people.

Thought about working with onlinetypingjobs. Great blog…keep up the good work! My suggestion would be to stay away from it. Never heard of the second one.

As for Wealthy Affiliate, it is not a scam. But I personally feel it is a total waste of your money. I did do some background check on the online company and yes they have dti permit which is needed in our country as business permit. Hopefully Im waiting for respond to the Girl who sell the activation key for my account.

I am not sure how it works. For that, you better get in touch with the person who sold you the keys. But be sure that you are not being scammed. Sir how about the awymoney. I think this is obviously a scam. Thanks for the information, I hope this blog read by more user so that there is less victim of scam..

Do you know if getpaid4typing. Hard to say if they are legit. I see they claim to follow a legitimate work of Image to Word typing, which is legitimate. However, as soon as you try to signup, you are asked to complete a survey which I feel is a way to generate an income without any hard work.

I am not sure if they will provide a genuine work to you after completing that survey, let alone paying you. Add to it, no reputed website is recommending them.

So, even though I cannot confirm if they are genuine, my gut feeling says that you must stay away. Not exactly a scam, but not even worth using it. I am sure you will get banned within a couple of days if you use it. Musabbir, I am not an Alim. I suggest that you consult some alim for your query. Well, almost all the websites pay in USD. You can, however, use payment gateways like PayPal and Payoneer to convert the payment into your local currency. It holds good for the Philippines, Nigeria, and almost all other countries.

The website that suits you depends on your skills. You can try Fiverr or Upwork if you have some sort of IT skills. If you do not have necessary skills, you can check websites like ClixSense , Amazon Mechanical Turk , and Microworkers. Never heard about SatoshiUp. And as I can see, they claim to have started their business only 17 days ago and are into Bitcoin mining.

First, with Bitcoin mining, you need to invest money to earn money. And investing in a new website is always risky as they may or may not be genuine. Second, Bitcoin mining itself is a Ponzi scheme and it may not fetch good rewards. Hi…I wrote a mail to EnigmaSolvers. But i received a reply to send the username or mail id of the person who recommends me and that person should be there in their community!.

Is it really worthy?. I am really sorry, I am not aware about EnigmaSolvers. My suggestion is to stay away if you are not sure about something. I will spread this around and hopefully wil stop some people from helping cyber criminals. Thanks a lot, Noah. Surely this post needs to be promoted more so that a lot of people can save their time and money. As long as you have been hired through Upwork, it is safer as Upwork can interfere in case of any payment problems.

Though, I must add, Upwork is usually more lenient towards client in case of any payment disputes. If it does, Upwork may not help you much.

It will give Money r not.. Is there any Website to Earn Money by Online? I am sorry Bren. I never heard about PPM. And according to me, it is totally a waste of time to work for that pay rates. PPM is a total scam! P just go to waste. Thank you for your article……. I am having good typing speed, internet knowledge…..

You could try Top 5 Freelancing Websites for data entry jobs. But, data entry jobs are very hard to find mainly because a lot of people without sufficient knowledge about MS Office and Google Docs bid for these jobs resulting in low-quality work.

Fiverr is a legitimate website. But I am sure that will not find many takers. As far as I know, these two websites are have paid few people. But as I said, most people will get blocked before withdrawing their earnings. So better stay away from it. Yes Kishor, there are many other ways to Make Money Online.

You can check the article about 15 ways to make money online mentioned at the bottom of the article. As for data entry, you may try Upwork. But again, Data Entry is not just about typing. Unless you are Microsoft Certified professional, trying to get Data Entry jobs would be waste of time.

Megatypers does not fall into an outright scam category. From what I know some people do successfully cash out at MegaTypers. Also, pay rates of less than a dollar per hour is not worth your time anyways.

I am afraid Pushkar. There is no such ClixSense app for Android mobile. You can however surf the website on an Android Browser. Can any one tell how we can stop this fraudster from defrauding others, can any one help in guiding me to lodge a complaint to the appropriate authorities for taking action against them.

In that case, you can file a case with Cyber crime cell of the country. But I suppose it would be difficult to trace even their country of operation and most likely they must be operating from a country where there are no stringent cyber laws.

That is the reason I updated this article to inform people to stay away from it. Please share this article so that more and more people get aware of this scam. Please do share this article on social media and rate it so that it reaches maximum people and saves them from this scam. Read Before You Are Scammed!!! Pathetically Low Pay Rates. This I say because of the following reasons 1.

Low Chances Of Cashing Out Earnings If the low pay rates are not enough, there is no guarantee that you can actually cash out your earnings. ProTypers Protypers is same as Megatypers. Please Vote For Us. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 96 comments. Priyanka - August 29, Sir…. Priya lakra - August 25, Sir i was too late to read ur article.. Shreya Mishra - August 23, Sir some days ago i received a call from flarial enterprise they said they will 2.

Aquif Shaikh - August 24, It seems to be a kind of scam. Vijay Kumar - August 27, Hi Shreya, no need to worry about this. Shreya Mishra - August 22, Will there becourt case of failing to complete task within given time or not maintaining accuracy plz reply Ur mail id or msg me on my email.

Aquif Shaikh - August 6, No idea about either. Aquif Shaikh - August 12, I just meant that the Unity Wealth website domain name is not owned by a company, but an individual. Elvis - August 3, Thanks alot for this Article. Aquif Shaikh - July 5, If you are looking for high paying jobs, you must develop relevant skills. Shanie - July 18, I was also a victim of that so-called emymoney.

Deano - June 3, Hi, Aquif — Thought about working with onlinetypingjobs. We recommend you learn how to build a real, sustainable business online with our top recommendation. However, we are writing from lots of experience with sites that are long on hype and short on delivery. Can You Make Money with Typistjobs. Well, a very few will. There are tons of sites offering to sell you the secrets of getting rich by typing at home.

Why settle on Typistjobs. Oh, be still, my heart! Or maybe a law firm that needs you to transcribe audio files.

Is it really possible? Will I get paid by the hour or based on my volume? That assumption is what gets people to take out their credit cards. Here are some of them:. There's only ONE program I really recommend. Click here for the exact formula I followed. I founded this site back in I felt ripped off and had no recourse, but to suck it up and pull an extra shift delivering food to make ends meet.

I setup this site so no one would have to go through the same experience I went through. I wanted to stop scam artists from preying on the vulnerable and help regular people learn the true, legitimate ways of making money online. They impose impossible accuracy targets. The calculation of the errors is completely insane. So, my suggestion is not fall as a prey for them. They simply make money from your initial investment and you will never be able to make any money out of it.

When I asked for a refund, she declined, threatening legal action if I requested a chargeback from my bank. So what did I do? If any good company rely on my interest can conduct a test to prove my skills.

Then other matters may be followed. I am in a lot of debt. I am in desperate need of money. I need to know about typistjobs. Is it what it really says it is?

If i need to start it then? If there is anyone who has registered with site, share your experience. How much do you to work per day? How much can you earn and what sort of work do you have to do? Please tell me i m in great difficulty. Give me advise if this good one. Or it is a fraud. I am getting mixed messages from this whole scene. What were the other options?

Also, inbound calling is nit a bad idea. Inbound is where they call you. I did telemarketing for a couple of years. Point me in the right direction for that. What do they do? Please help if you can. If you guys are truely looking for legit work at home jobs then check out ratracerebellion.

BTW, have anyone heard of Process Rebates? Is it real or scam? I am looking for something to do on spare time. I mean, I paid money to start my cafe, my cafe is not a scam. BTW, Joe, thanks for all the info, I had submitted my app. Hey, Mike are you doing Google Adwords or are you posting free ads? Can you tell us how long it took you to start earning and atleast the minimum amount. I am in a similar sitaution like you..

I am a profnl. Also reed the disclamer at the bottom of the site. Any site where there is a fee to get started is a big sign. Also if they gurantee to pay you so much money for posting ads or data why even have a fee at all?

No to mention it requires no education, skill level, nor does it have any age verification or anything on it. No call number ethier! Why do all typist jobs say their start up fee is only for a limited of time and will go up next month? Hi, what do you guys think of offlinetypingjob. I want to joint typist. If you are bad mouthing these Companies — do you then have an alternative fo us who really want a legitamate work from home oppertunity???

The angela stevens or whatever her name is sounds really good but i have read your adds and am leaning toward not doing that anymore it that i dont have to loose. I really need something to stay at home and do are there and legit jobs that I can do at home? Everytime I see her she tells me that the person who is helping her needs more money. She has paid upwards of dollars so far. Very scared for her.

I did find a real publisher and am doing editing for her, however, the jobs are few and far between. Are there any places that are legitimate for proofreading or editing. Seems I have a penchant for it. Willis, sorry about the confusion. The book has had literally a dozen prices during its lifetime.

Neither of those prices is now accurate. You are doing a great service, with your website. Which is the right price? Review

Hi, I'm Shay! Are you ready to work from home? Get the latest job alerts, videos, tips, and extra income opportunities straight to your inbox. SIGN UP. Find freelance Typing work on Upwork. 25 Typing online jobs are Sign up for free and find your perfect Typing freelancer today. Search for jobs. Filters Filters primarily in the West Loop. A reliable laptop is required, and a typing test is required before a freelancer is hired. Benefits of this freelance engagement: Be inside a (real. The website “www (dot) typing – home – jobs (dot) com” is a scam. I don’t put the whole link in as all one word because I don’t want to link build or promote their website. it .