Anyway, find several hobbies, excel at work, read up on your disorder. Dec 2, Messages: Applied for this Job? Not liable for work provided by Psych NP. Community Counselor Salary and Career Information. To make matters even more confusing, psychiatrists and psychologists aren't the only mental health professionals you can choose from. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

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I hope you find your goals. It was hard for me to find mine, but once I started setting goals my depression got a lot better. Start with a hobby that you like to further maybe some arts and crafts classes like stained glass? Think about what makes you feel accomplished. What makes you feel warm and fuzzy. I kinda know what your feeling because I raised kids all my life then they grew up and I was lost-didn't know what to do one they left home-I had always lived for them.

Find some ppl you admire and figure out what it is about them that you admire. What skill do they have? My husband is OCD as well-he does drive me crazy but he focuses on his work with computer coding thus that sovles some of it, Around the house he makes me want to scream cuz he does things like wipiing out the sink the second a drop of water is in it, atually he wipes everything over and over.

He always cleans behind me even if it is refixing something I just fixed like making the bed-he ges behind me and makes sure the lines are all straight giving the covers a little tug even if they are already perfect-he does this for control I think. Anyway, find several hobbies, excel at work, read up on your disorder. Well start with something easy like going for a go to a party go for a daily jog.

Then work your way up I am sure you can achieve what is absolutely on you mind and another thing after you start with something easy you'll automatically know where to go from there. And if you want to take those courses I say go for it you'll achieve more than you think so. I would have no clue what I would write,,12 months,,I guess in 12 months i would like to have a job i like ,,one that i got paid for doing a full time mom only offers ,,,lousy pay, no respect, I'd like to quit smoking,,start walking more, mabe start writing poetry again,, work for a non profit organization,, and save enough money to take my kids somewhere nice,,,the beach or somewhere they could just be kids and play and get dirty ,,,just figure out what would make you happy,,, they dont have to be big things,, start small and just add something everyday,,it wont seem so impossible if you take small steps,,good luck.

Is that something you'd like? Do you have enough personal time in your life, do you need more, do you need to take less personal time?

How would you go about doing it? Here's some questions that can get you thinking about your personal goals! I always hated writing that stuff! Tell your Psychiatrist that you don't know what to start with. Do you want to lose weight, or get a new pair of jeans, or visit another country, or get a good result in your exams etc? What do you really really want? What would you want if you knew no one else? Related Questions Psychiatrists homework help Need Diagnosis? How do I start my homework for my Psychiatrist and Social Worker?

Do I really have schizophrenia? Psychiatrist want to hospitalize me immediately.? My Dad wants me to see a psychiatrist. I do get a bit confused by the "lifestyle" question. I assume you are referring to hours worked versus free-time. Keep in mind that despite good working hours, psychiatry can be extremely taxing emotionally. I worry when people gravitate to psychiatry for the perceived "good lifestyle".

It requires skills that some people struggle with and often psychiatry can be more stressful, despite good hours, than people anticipate. Sep 7, Messages: Yes, many private practice docs have fee for service arrangements and are able to have the type of practice you described. However, building a large enough patient population willing to pay out of pocket and be consistent enough with appts and follow-up to support a full time practice takes time.

Most people cannot afford this setup or want insurance to cover their care. Also, this is going to extremely limit your population given the socioeconomic drift of the mentally ill. If you're wanting to stay interested by your practice, you may need to think beyond this. Call is often part of a good outpatient system, particularly if you are affiliated with a hospital salaried or contracted.

If your practice is associated with any hospital privileges whether you work on inpt or not you're likely going to be part of a call pool on some level; particularly to assist in "crisis" issues. Point is, this is generally not realistically, at least during early career development. Of course, I might not have as much exposure to private practice to be entirely accurate. Well maybe you are not talking to the right people-most PP psychiatrist I meet describe exactly this situation and I hvae researched many of them in deciding to do psych.

You are probably in a podunk city or something but I am in one of the top 5 biggest cities and the population who affords psychiatrists is HUGE and that is who I hvae talked to-maybe not in your area but where I am this is not just realisitic, it is the norm. And no, not everyone would be doing it since poeple in general do not like dealing with psych issues.

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Even a psychiatrist in private practice may see patients in an emergency room or make hospital rounds. Psychiatrists may see individual patients in a private treatment room or work with groups. Forensic psychiatrists may assess prison inmates for mental illness, provide expert testimony in court or work with victims of crimes. Choosing a Career in Psychiatry; Medical Student Programs; There is untold richness in diversity in being a psychiatrist and each year more and more medical students are choosing a career as a psychiatrist. They also have an opportunity to work with medical and surgical patients who may have psychiatric problems or who have difficulty. What Is Psychiatry? Psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (an M.D. or D.O.) who specializes .