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So they are basically jack-of-all-trades. Now i am searching for an homebased job to have an income again, Hope you can help me. October 26, at 9: March 17, at Need a little advice?

There are many work at home job opportunities in the Philippines. I am emphasizing on that because a lot of people would tell me that it is super hard to find work at home jobs when it is actually not that difficult if you are patient .

Full-time/Part-time online jobs:

I am including this in my bookmarked sites for reference as I am looking for an online job that I can do probably after my regular job hours. This is a great list! Maybe when the kids get a little bigger. I will definitely check them out should I decide to explore this earning opportunity. I myself have tried 3 out of 6 on this list. Working from home rocks! I recently tried my hand at doing part-time VA work which entails a lot of social media accounts management. Hopefully soon, I can do copy writing jobs, too.

I really want to have an online job for extra income, but I do not know how to start. Hope this year I can have one. I have a whole category on this blog about working from home. Gusto ko rin i-try yung Copywriting jobs. But overall, I do enjoy working at home. Mahalaga lang talaga may tiyaga at disiplina kasi ito talaga yung career na masasabi mong no work no pay.

I once thought of trying out Real Estate because I like houses and telling people why they need one, but I wish I did it when I was younger.

The writing job works for me. A new year is a nice motivation to start home based business. Thank you for the list. I would want to try the copywriting. Ive been writing for a PR company and the pay isnt stable as I only get paid per project basis. But I am still thankful of the opportunity. I am glad that there are a lot of opportunities for people who prefer to work at home.

My sister is actually looking for one. I am sharing your blog link to her. I am officially out of the corporate world for one year. I am interested being a social media manager since I am always online.

I have friends who work from home, and most of them find it rewarding. This just goes to show that there are plenty of ways to earn even at home. Yay for more opportunities. Thank you for sharing this! Perhaps, I should keep trying. Any tips on how to be noticed by the client? And when you apply, make sure you have a unique cover letter for each project you apply for.

Online customer service rep here, more commonly known as VA for almost 5 yrs now. Always thankful for my job. For those who are planning to look for a home job, I think my advice is be patient. Not everyone gets the job asap. Great list you have here! Though I have a regular corporate work, I still look for ways to add more to my source of income. And work that I can do at the comfort of my home is something that I will surely grab.

Wow these are great tips. I didnt know you can earn that much with a part time home-based job. Thanks for the heads up! I work an job and I have always wanted to try working at home for a change.

Your recommendation is really helpful. Thank you for sharing. I am planning to leave corporate world and go for working from home after 5 years. I just want to give more time for my daughter. Thank you for sharing this. Never really tried going into real estate but I also tried listing our property for rent on Lamudi. I have to agree with you.

There are many home-based jobs available — and are good-paying as well. Patience lang talaga to find something that will work for you: Yes, we need lots of patience! It really takes time to really take off. Hope to find one as soon as possible: Hi Hazel, the best way to do so is by marketing yourself — on your website, your social media pages, on job boards.

You need to put yourself out there to let clients know that you offer certain services. I even actively seek out clients by doing searches of people who fall under my target market and email them directly.

Also- always remember to always guard your reputation. Do excellent work, all the time! Any one can guide me? Thanks a lot for the help. A virtual assistant can do many task from accounting, data entry, graphic design to blogging.

So they are basically jack-of-all-trades. But these depend on the client that will hire you. You can earn money hourly but the best thing is you can work at home. I really recommend for stay-at-home moms to have an online job.

Well not only for moms, but for everyone. You will only need a computer or a laptop plus stable internet connection. Please read my article: Can u please send me an information. Some parents find direct sales to be a natural fit for them since they already have plenty of contacts that would be interested in the products they represent. Another increasingly popular option is blogging. As a mom, you probably have genius childcare hacks and practical advice for managing the household — why not start a blog and share your wisdom?

As a blogger, I earn money a number of ways — some of it comes from affiliate sales and ad revenue, which I can attribute to the blog itself. A substantial portion of my earnings come from clients who approach me for work because they read my blog.

These companies allow you to become an independent business owner while performing services for their clients like customer service and sales. Remember, the success of a home business depends on how much you put into it. One great way to have a successful home business as a parent is to find something that is manageable and you enjoy doing.

Head on over to The Work at Home Woman for plenty of great ideas and inspiration for parents contemplating a home business. That is, if you work as an independent contractor you bill for your services and not your time. In the eyes of the law, an independent contractor differs from an employee in that an independent contractor has the freedom to act autonomously to get a job done as they see fit — as long as you meet the contract requirements.

You will also be responsible for paying taxes on your earnings. I come across a lot of these opportunities on Craigslist. Look out for red flags like asking you to pay for opportunities or wanting you to deposit a check in your account and giving a portion of it back to the company. For example, food delivery service company, DoorDash, hires contractors to key menus from home, but first they have to come into the Atlanta office for training.

Remember, figure out what kind of employment makes sense for you and be realistic about the amount of time you can actually commit to. Thanks to all the work from home jobs for moms, you can realistically make a financial contribution to your household while staying home with the kids. Need a little advice? Leave it in the comments below or send me an email: This post may contain affiliate links. Please see the disclosure for more information.

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I want to work at home, regardless whether for full of part time, for as long as it has no registration fee/no start up fee or no fee at all, and it an HOME-BASED job, preferably, typing and or data encoding, could be a survey, copy-paste job. thank you very much for reading this message, and thank you in advance for your help. 39 year from the . “the perfect job”? Start receiving job alerts in your inbox daily! Subscribe Now(It’s Free) 9, jobs posted in the past 30 days. Data Entry Job Listings. Displaying 30 jobs of 5, Virtual Assistant you are looking at the Philippines. This Asian nation is a haven for driven, dedicated and diligent workers eager for a long-term. Work from home jobs for moms can give the best of both worlds — career & family. It used to be that moms had to choose between the two — each decision having both its pros and cons. Nowadays, parents can have their cake and eat it too when they land a flexible job that allows them to work from.