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Plus, now is the perfect time to join SimplyFun as we continue to grow from our best year ever. Work World Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. As a wife of an American citizen, you will be eligible for a green card without quota and can work thereafter. You must demonstrate you have work experience in your home country with the same religious organization you are going to represent in the U. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Why not become a parentpreneur parent and entrepreneur and start a small business from the comfort of your own home? No quotas or monthly fees!

Work-at-Home Scams. Learn what to watch out for to avoid work-at-home scams. Find a Job. The Ticket to Work program helps toyear-old Social Security disability recipients develop job skills to get to a higher standard of living. The program is supportive, free, and voluntary.

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Many printers and filing cabinets are compact and can easily hide in a cupboard or drawer when not in use. Some homebound desk jockeys create a portable office in a box, storing a stapler, tape, pens, paper, envelopes, sticky notes and other office essentials within it. When the workday concludes, you can toss all of your supplies into the box and relocate it to a less conspicuous locale in your home. Dress for success in office-casual threads and leave your pajamas for after-hours.

Another reason to appear presentable is that you could bump into a colleague or potential client while running lunchtime errands. Would you rather be seen clad in a T-shirt and yoga pants or in a classy blouse and trouser combo? Looking smart will also help you feel more confident, accomplished and ready for that last-minute lunchtime business meeting.

Schedule mini-breaks to stretch and a lunch hour to refuel. If your productivity will be continually interrupted by guilty thoughts of unfinished home tasks, such as laundry or dirty dishes, Lenci recommends scheduling small household projects into your routine. Avoid switching back and forth between personal and professional tasks, though, as it can leave you frazzled and dilute your efficiency. Replace mingling around the corporate water cooler with networking via Twitter and LinkedIn.

So to ensure you are set to work in the U. The earliest start date for an employee with an H-1B visa is October 1st of that fiscal year, or six months from the start of the fiscal year. Re apply for the visa after one year working in the U.

The H-1B visa is valid for up to three years, and can be renewed for another three years. You must leave after six years in the United States for one year but after one year you can re-apply for a new H-1B. Other work visas, like TN1, do not permit dual intent. If you apply for an employment based green card while you have a H-1B visa, you can extend the visa indefinitely.

Your company has been operating in the United States for 5 years. You have a bachelor's degree or higher in a specialized field. Your company falls into a specific tax bracket. At least one of your employees is American. Qualify for a TN1 visa. Though the application process is simplified with the TN1 visa, you must work in a specified profession that qualifies you for a TN1 visa.

Accountants, architects, graphic designers, urban planners, medical professionals, and scientific professionals with bachelor degrees or higher education are all considered valid professions for this visa.

The TN1 is only granted to employers, and if you need a visa for more than one employer, you will need to file multiple visa applications. If you are self-employed, you will not qualify for this visa category. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the TN1 visa. TN1 visas are valid for three years and are often more likely to be approved than an H-1B visa.

The application period for a TN1 visa can also be fast tracked by applying for the visa at the US border. But TN1 visas also have several potential disadvantages, including: Under this visa, you must demonstrate your intention to return to Canada once the TN1 visa expires. For your first TN1 visa, you likely do not have to demonstrate your intention to return when you reapply.

But if you have been on the TN1 visa for six to nine years, and are seeking another three year visa, you may be required to show you still intend to return to Canada at some point. With a TN1 visa, it is also more difficult to apply for an employment-based green card.

If you apply for a U. Apply for the visa in person at the border for a lower fee and faster processing. The application fee at the border is significantly lower than applying through the USCIS, and the decision to grant or deny the visa is made on the spot at the border.

If you are denied the visa, you will learn the reason for the denial right away and attempt to correct it as soon as possible. You will need to carry the following documents with you to the U. It should include a description of why it is a professional occupation, recognized by NAFTA, and that the position is temporary. It should also confirm you are a direct employee and note your salary level. Proof of your qualifications, such as a copy of your degree, certificate, or transcripts A copy of your current resume A copy of your Canadian passport A copy of your social security number, if applicable A copy of your employment contract Details of your foreign address or place of residence.

Talk with your U. If your employer insists on applying for the visa through the USCIS, you will need to supply the following documentation: Copy of your US social security number, if you have one Copy of the front and back of the I card. Ask your employer about the payment of the application fee. Method 2 Quiz You may lose your TN1 visa if: You return to Canada while the visa is active.

You make less than a specific income for the year. You apply for a green card. You seek higher education. Qualify for the L1 visa. This visa is for intra company transfers. The employer must be conducting business in the U. You must work at the affiliated company for at least one continuous year and be going to the U. You can also qualify for an L1 visa if you are going to the U. A Canadian company can send a manager or executive to establish a U.

But the Canadian employer must demonstrate that there is a physical space for the new office, the employee has been a manager or executive for one continuous year, and the new U. Understand the benefits of the L1 visa. An L1 visa is ideal for executive employees looking to establish a U. As well, the spouses and unmarried children under 21 years old of L1 visa holders can come to the U. Once you have an L1 visa, your spouse can also work legally in the U. After seven years in the U.

Complete a blanket petition. Your organization may establish an intracompany relationship between a U. You are eligible for a blanket petition if: The petitioner has an office in the U. The petitioner has three or more domestic and foreign subsidiaries, affiliates, or branches. The petitioner and the organization has obtained at least 10 L-1 approvals in the previous 12 months, has U.

Get your employer to complete Form IS. This form can be found here. Your employer should then send you the completed form, along with a copy of the approved blanket petition. You will then present these documents to the consular office to complete the L1 visa application.

Customs and Border Protection Officer for approval. Method 3 Quiz In order to qualify for the L1 visa, you must: Have a spouse who legally works in the United States or with a United States-based company. Have worked at the affiliate Canadian company for one continuous year. Have a degree from an American institution or American-based university.

Complete the application process if you are a Canadian athlete participating in a specific event in the U. If you are going to be in the United States for an extended period of time as an athlete at a specific sporting event, you can apply for a temporary work visa P1 visa.

You will need to provide the following documents to the Canadian Embassy: Evidence of qualifications original or certified copy Proof of ties or a residence in a country outside the U. Follow the application process if you are on an artist exchange or are considered a culturally unique artist. If you are staying in the United States as a paid artist by a U. Complete the application if you are a temporary worker in nursing or agriculture. Nurses who are Canadian citizens and are working in the United States for a U.

Canadian agricultural workers who have a job offer from a company based in the U. The required documents for both visas are: The Canadian Embassy may refuse to issue you a H-1B visa if your education and work experience are only based in a country other than the United States or Canada.

If you do not have U. Apply for a temporary work visa if you are in a religious occupation. If you are a non-U. You must demonstrate you have work experience in your home country with the same religious organization you are going to represent in the U. Copy of the Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker Form I, found here , as completed by your employer and filed with D. Method 4 Quiz If you are applying for work in nursing or agriculture and do not have U.

Have to complete more paperwork. Have to go through another, separate approval process. Want to apply for the visa at your country of residence. Will have to take a citizenship test. Does this apply only to Canada, or is it applicable for all countries? Except the TN visa which is only for Canadian and Mexican citizens , this document regarding H1 and l1 applies to all. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 8.

If you can pass an interview with an immigration agent and can convince them that you aren't just getting married to stay here, then yes.

Canadian Living is the #1 lifestyle brand for Canadian women. Get the best recipes, advice and inspired ideas for everyday living. May 30,  · Can a Canadian manufacturer send a Canadian employee to the USA to consult on warranty repair work? This person would not be doing physical work and would not be paid by anyone in the USA. wikiHow Contributor84%(45). Type of Work-From-Home Job: Call Centers Canadian energy retailer contracts work-at-home agents to take inbound customer service calls for its furnace, water heater and air conditioning divisions. These agents work part time, managing account inquires, sell products and services.