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The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment growth in this sector will be much quicker than the average for all jobs by Additionally, technology in the healthcare industry is growing stronger and becoming more widely accepted. Likewise, employers expect strong customer service practices and processes from medical review specialists. Find the perfect medical career with our interactive medical career comparison tool. In addition, telephone triage nurses must rely heavily on their communication skills as well as all of the information they learned regarding diseases, normal growth and development and more. What is the most stressful part about working at Oculus Health?

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Medical careers list

Best Health Care Jobs. Refine Your Matches 25 matches sorted by: Dentist 1 in Best Healthcare Jobs. Physician Assistant 2 in Best Healthcare Jobs. Nurse Practitioner 3 in Best Healthcare Jobs. Orthodontist 4 in Best Healthcare Jobs. Pediatrician 5 in Best Healthcare Jobs. Obstetrician and Gynecologist 6 in Best Healthcare Jobs tie.

Physician 6 in Best Healthcare Jobs tie. Occupational Therapist 9 in Best Healthcare Jobs. Senior or principal medical writers work on writing and editing regulatory documents in the healthcare field. Telephone Triage Nurse A telephone triage nurse has many responsibilities. The job entails much more than answering healthcare questions over the telephone, despite what the job title suggests. In addition, telephone triage nurses must rely heavily on their communication skills as well as all of the information they learned regarding diseases, normal growth and development and more.

It is common for a telephone triage nurse to take calls from patients who are trying to contact their physician or other healthcare professionals after office hours, and advise them on steps necessary to treat their healthcare issue. A telephonic interviewer conducts interviews with people over the phone to collect and document information regarding a specific healthcare subject matter. For example, one telephonic interviewer may interview people about long-term healthcare insurance.

Telephone interviewers must be able to type a minimum of forty-words a minute and may be required to work nights and weekends, the time most surveys are conducted to accommodate work schedules. For a career as a case manager, it is typically standard that candidates meet all the requirements of a registered nurse.

Case managers work with physicians and patients to guarantee that proper care and healthcare services are provided and coordinated. A case manager may also be tasked with monitoring and evaluating healthcare to ensure optimal service is being provided. Working in medical transcription requires one to transcribe medical records. Patient medical records may include patient history, psychiatric evaluations, physical reports, clinic notes, operative reports, discharge reports and prescription history.

Medical records are generally dictated by doctors or nurses. The level of knowledge and experience required for medical transcription is high, as a transcriptionist will need to be able to decipher medical jargon. Also, there may be a quota required of medical transcriptionists, so being able to type at a fast rate is ideal. If math and numbers are your forte, an occupation as a medical coder may be right for you.

As a dispensing optician, you will assist ophthalmologists and optometrists by helping customers with eyeglass and contact less purchases. An optometrist examines eyes for problems related to vision, including eye diseases. As an optometrist, you would prescribe prescription eyeglasses or contacts. Orthotists and prosthetists design and fit medical and surgical support devices for patients. Devices include braces and artificial limbs, among others.

Pharmacists educate patients about the safe use of medications, along with fill those prescriptions. A pharmacy technician, who supports the pharmacist, dispenses medication and assists with customer service.

A physical therapist assistant helps patients with rehabilitation after surgery, injury, and illnesses. They work under a physical therapist. A physical therapist develops a rehabilitation program to help patients become mobile and manage pain after injury, illness, or surgery. A physician assistant works under the direction of a doctor. As a physician assistant, you will examine patients, diagnose common injuries and illness, and treat them. In rural areas, you will serve as a primary care provider.

A physician examines, diagnoses, and treats patient maladies. They order, perform, and analyze diagnostic tests. Surgeons require additional training beyond their doctorate degree buy specialize in operating on patients and treating injuries.

A podiatrist is a foot doctor. A podiatrist diagnoses, treats, and provides surgical care for those who have foot, ankle, and lower leg issues.

As a psychiatric technician or aide, you will work with people who have a developmental disability or who have a mental illness. You will provide therapeutic are and assist them with daily activities. A radiation therapist administers radiation treatments to eradicate cancer and other diseases in patients.

As a radiologic technologist , you will perform diagnostic imaging exams on patients. This includes x-rays, CT scans, and ultrasounds. A recreation therapists works with people who have illnesses or disabilities.

They plan, direct, and coordinate recreational programs that will help improve a patients emotional and physical well-being. As a respiratory therapist, your position provides care for patients suffering from breathing issues, including asthma, emphysema, heart attacks, stroke, drowning, or shock.

A speech-language pathologist works with patients to exam, diagnose, and treat communication and swallowing disorders. As a surgical technologist, your position involves assisting the surgical team during surgical operations. You will prepare the operating room, arrange the equipment, and provide assistance during surgery. A veterinarian cares for animals. They examine, diagnose, treat, and research medical conditions that affect all animals whether pets or livestock, animals in the zoo or laboratories.

Under the supervision of a veterinarian, a veterinary technician cares for animals. They may help with clean-up, administration, and perform medical tests, which a veterinarian may use to diagnose illness and injury. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Looking for a career change or your first professional job out of high school?

To help you, I want to provide you with a list of medical careers. Medical careers list Athletic trainers As an athletic trainer , you will work with a range of ages from children to professional athletes. Audiologists An audiologist works to diagnose and treat a patients hearing issues but also works to solve balance problems. Cardiovascular Technologists As a cardiovascular technologist , you will use imaging technology, which will help doctors diagnose heart and blood vessel issues in patients.

Chiropractors A chiropractor manipulates bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons to treat physical ailments like back and neck pain. Dental Assistants Although a dental assistants tasks range by state and by office, they do have one common task: Dental Hygienists A dental hygienist educates people about improving and maintaining their oral health.

Dentists As a dentist , you will diagnose and treat issues with your patients gums and teeth. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers A diagnostic medical sonographer does more than ultrasounds on a pregnant lady.

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Top 50 Health Care Jobs Health care jobs are in high demand across the board. Whether you want to spend 10+ years in college or less than a . While most medical jobs are on site, the number and types of medical jobs from home are expanding. Some types of nursing jobs (RN and sometimes LPN), in particular, are often telecommuted, but there are many more options in the medical field. Occupational Outlook Handbook > adding about million new jobs. Healthcare occupations are projected to add more jobs than any of the other occupational groups. This projected growth is mainly due to an aging population, leading to greater demand for healthcare services. Medical laboratory technologists (commonly known as medical.