2018 Best Online Colleges for Mechanical Engineering Degrees

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish? It is recommended that students choose an online mechanical engineering degree that has been accredited. Students learn the mechanical engineering process through courses in natural science, math, and engineering fundamentals, as well as hands-on labs. He has been a colleague of mine for years. The files are encoded, but already have a Python Script to decode and edit them, but no the one to encode them back.

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Students learn the mechanical engineering process through courses in natural science, math, and engineering fundamentals, as well as hands-on labs. Mechanical engineering associate programs give students the necessary background and training for proficiency in the design, testing, installation, and repair of many types of machines. Natural science and math courses in ME programs teach students the basic tools with which to analyze engineering problems.

For example, a mechanics course discusses physics principles, such as the laws of motion and the equations used to determine how something will move. Technical mathematics applies concepts of college-level calculus, such differential questions, integrals, and other math theorems, to the design of machines. Students also take courses in specific mechanical engineering topics to master the skills needed to properly design, draw, model, and prototype different mechanical systems.

One such course, strength of materials, covers how the physical and chemical properties of different materials can be exploited for use in machines. Classes in mechanical design teach students how to make preliminary plans of machines through mechanical drawing and computer-aided design techniques. In these courses, students make 2-D and 3-D machine models, which they may then fabricate in a related laboratory course.

No mechanical engineering course would be complete without an ample number of labs, which act as practice for hands-on machine design. In a production design lab, for example, students get a chance to try out their shop skills and actually produce a machine. Bachelor's degree programs in mechanical engineering cultivate students' interests in scientific and mathematical theories. Students learn the math, science, and engineering skills to make functioning mechanical systems, and they learn how to draw, model, and make physical prototypes of their machine designs.

Although most distance learning programs in this discipline enable students to complete most assignments at their own pace, some courses may require on-site lab participation. Most programs work closely with individuals to accommodate them and create flexible class schedules.

ME bachelor's programs take four to five years to complete and require applicants to have a high school diploma and advanced skills in math and science. The first two years of a bachelor's program involve introductory courses, such as general chemistry, ethics, academic and technical writing, engineering design, physics , computer programming, and calculus. Foundational courses in math and science prepare mechanical engineering students with the basic tools to approach the engineering of physical systems.

Math courses like statistics methods in engineering teach engineers how to analyze and interpret data through an understanding of probability, linear regression, and experimental design. An introductory chemistry course teaches basic chemical principles like molecular structure and gas laws, which can come in handy for mechanical engineers who may later work with chemical systems.

As part of their engineering fundamentals, most ME students take an introductory electrical engineering course as well. This course discusses circuit analysis, electrical signals, and other basic electrical concepts that can come in handy when designing mechanical systems.

The last two years feature advanced classes in fluid mechanics, machine design and dynamics, material science, vector mechanics, material strength, and system dynamics. A basic visual thinking course requires students to visualize their design concepts, draw them, and create a prototype through 3-D models. Many such design courses are project based, with students working all semester long to complete one machine.

Applicants need an ABET-accredited undergraduate engineering degree, and some programs also require a year or more of professional engineering experience. Students complete about 10 to 15 courses over a span of one to three years. Because many of these degrees are aimed at current engineering professionals, they are flexible in their curricula; some are non-thesis degrees, and others have extensive online course options.

For example, students could focus their courses in materials science, manufacturing, or biomechanical engineering. A student specializing in manufacturing might take courses in machine design and design for manufacturability.

Other common courses apply statistics, math, and research design to engineering topics. Professional programs are typically coursework-only; some may have a focus in management topics, such as supervising engineering teams, safety in engineering, and supply chain management.

Some degrees allow students to design their own coursework within the constraints of the program, while others have more stringent requirements. For example, a mechanical engineering grad student focusing in materials science might take a course in atomistic materials science, which looks at the properties of materials on the atom level. Upper-level math courses are common requirements in ME programs.

Courses in partial differential equations and complex variables give engineers a more developed mathematical arsenal with which to approach engineering problems. Some programs also require students to gain breadth in their studies by taking a few courses outside of their main focus area. To fulfill this requirement, an ME student focusing in biomechanical engineering might take a course in gas dynamics or energy systems to get an advanced introduction to other sorts of specialties.

The PhD, or doctoral, program in mechanical engineering ME allows current engineers to study a particular ME area in depth and to craft an extensive research project in that engineering area.

Applicants to doctoral programs usually have extensive work or educational experience in mechanical engineering. The mechanical engineering dissertation requires that students complete an independent research project in their area of specialization. It is likely that online students not currently in a research setting will need to be in residence for this portion of the PhD.

These degrees take three to five years to complete. Possible degree specializations include acoustics, biomechanics, materials science, thermo fluids, robotics, and aerospace systems. The mechanical engineering PhD is great preparation for current engineers considering careers in research and instruction at the college level.

Others can use the degree to land research and development roles in the private sector in their specialization area, or go on to found their own engineering company. The PhD can also be used to enter administrative or managerial roles in engineering businesses. A certificate in mechanical engineering provides general or specialized training in mechanical engineering theory and design.

These programs can be earned at the undergraduate or graduate level. Most certificates require four to 12 courses and can be completed in one to two years. Students take foundational classes in ME technology, such as production design, statics, materials science, and product design. These programs may also include courses in technical mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Students can use the undergraduate certificate in mechanical engineering to enter engineering technician or technologist roles, assisting in engineering research and development.

The graduate certificate curriculum focuses on a more specialized mechanical engineering area. For example, current engineers can use the program to gain skills in a particular topic, such as manufacturing engineering, nanotechnology, integrated systems, and electromechanical systems. Depending on the program, these online certificates may require on-site labs or design classes. Current mechanical engineers can use the graduate certificate to shift professional areas or to gain the skills to enter supervisory or leadership roles.

Only engineers who offer their services directly to the public must earn a license. This means that engineers who work for an engineering firm or company are not required by law to have a license. However, experienced engineers may still elect to earn the license to highlight their skills and experience, and potential employers may prefer to hire licensed candidates. In most states, the Professional Engineer license requires applicants to have an ABET-accredited bachelor's degree, four years of work experience, and passing scores on the PE exams.

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