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We truly love good design and continue to strive to bring the latest Italian craftsmanship and design to our customers. I met this army guy online and then he was shipped out to Allepo, Syria about month ago and now we have decided we want to be together and he talked with his CC officer told him to have me write and ask personal leave , so I did and supposedly it was approved. OK I have always thought that Haas Dolphin was scamming me then all of the sudden he says that some of the army went to Nigeria to help them learn how to fight. He ended up picking me.. We ask for your patience, and to work with us. All items must be clean prior to turn-in to include DX Direct Exchange.

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Now he says he will comit suicide so that the Taliban will kill him. Do they have to pay that when going back to the U. Been talking with someone who says hes in Afghanistan.. But when I ask for a picture and his division or rank he says he is not allowed to give it out or he will lose his job.

How about this one.. Scammed but no money given. Request me to ask Army for leave to states. Researched this and realized it was scam. I meet a guy he said his name sgt William Barnett now he is in Egypt. He work as Navy officer in US. Is this person exist?? Just know him for two days and he want to meet me.

He need a vacation leave so that he can meet me, he said i need to send an email to his commander Evan Bowens and send an email to Militaryzone1usa gmail.

I have been talking to several so called military men claiming to love me and want to be with me. OK I have always thought that Haas Dolphin was scamming me then all of the sudden he says that some of the army went to Nigeria to help them learn how to fight. I mean really this man calls me and everything else. I just want to know if it is a scammer or is it a real soldier.

He told me he is already 42 yrs old and a widow. He took vows of his love to me and would like to marry me despite of me having 2 kids already. He ask me that he would like to visit me here in Philippines. When i ask why there is a payment, he said about registering me as his wife and for him to be traceable when he visited me and of course it is because he has a high rank and he needed to end the deployment as early as possible as it is supposed to be 6months special training.

Hi sir,can i ask if the person claiming for being army or military is necessary ask to write letter for his superior to get leave form because im chatting with so-called military guy asking me to write his superior for leave form im very confused about it.

Have you heard of a sge6 staff sargeant named, Dave Pacheco? I am currently talking to him. He claimed that he is a real soldier on deployment to Cameroon, Nigeria. I met this army guy online and then he was shipped out to Allepo, Syria about month ago and now we have decided we want to be together and he talked with his CC officer told him to have me write and ask personal leave , so I did and supposedly it was approved.

I have text to verify all this,. I would think army would be. This is just not adding up but wanted a second opinion!! Thank you for any help you can give me! He is trying to have the army financier wire money so I can help his ailing mother. We have talked for hours and he has expressed his love to me. I got on to look up the security he reassured me there was on his phone if I send my card info. Please tell me if my suspicions are right. I hoped it was legitimate, that id found an amazing guy.

Shame on these people! That was my first red flag. Hello to keep this short I meet a guy name Dr. Anthony Leo Whealth in syria. I met a guy named Alex Wayne and he says he is army. He has been in Army for almost 35 years. He says he is a 2 star major general. He is asking me to fill out a vacation form for him as his wife. Can I do that? How can I find out if he is lying? I recieved a green army wife form for cory michael bristol its an 80a form hes a marine at patterson camp ohio..

Meet a guy on the internet.. Now he tells me I need to register as his girlfriend in order for us to talk on the phone.. Somebody please shed some light on this.. Seems like a nice guy.

But lately he has asked me to open a bank account so he can transfer money into it, to access his deployment pay. This doesnt sound right. Which is fine and dandy, stationed over seas. Could this be a legit? What do you think???? He claims he needs it for his cell phone over in Germany.

Are fiance forms, military wife id and leave forms real. I am asked alot lately to request for leave form. I guess i just need to hear it from someone else so hard to believe these guys are good and i fell in love and i know im not alone. I found about this form online that scam fake form. This is a scam! I was concerned after the first three days of texting back and forth.

He wanted me to get on kik to text him and get off tinder all together. We were going to talk on the phone one night but he said he was unable To get a international phone card.

So we continued texting on kik. Due to time differences and texting we texted in intervals. He said he was Nathan Fair 3 tour in Chad Republic. Conversation went ok but he started to talk about wanting to take leave and us being to tether forever.

I played him for a while to see was this real or not but told him I would in no way do anything that would require me using my personal information. Then the trust issue was dealt with. Then he changed subjects keeping conversation light. And he kept coming back to leave having to be now. And I needed to get not one but two prepaid debit cards for him to transfer his money to so in hold send it to a agent and he could come home.

I told him I needed find out and educate myself about them and bought time To research more about the army. I had dated military in my younger days and have retired military friends, who I had not a asked them Anything yet. I would like to know if this soilder is even alive.

I would like to put him on my prayer list if he is. You better start ducking. Yes I am a prayer warrior and believe I had this experience so I could pray about this situation. But like I said I would like to know about the soilder whom he claimed to be and if alive keep him in my prayers. I have been talking to a captain in Afghanistan. He wants to come home to be with me. He said I had to send a request for fiance request form for him to get his leave.

It costs for the form. I already sent dollars. He said his in Africa but he never show he always said excuses pls help to find out if this is scam his name is Henry Costello pls let me know I really need ur help thanks. Please quit sending him money. This is a scam. He recently asked for a itunes card.

He said he needs it to complete an assignment. He has never asked for money and said he never will. He has sent me pics of him in uniform.

Does the military use itune apps for assignments? I met this Navy guy online also about a month in half ago, we text but we also talk on Kik. His name is let. Scott Watkins and he claim to leave in Wisconsin. How anyone heard of him. I met a man on line about 2months ago. B August 10th who states that lives in San Jose, California. He claims he has a 7 year old son name Hunters who is in military school.

Griffin mentioned his wife died from colon cancer. His both parents are deseased. Is this a scam?? Hello, I met this guy on Tinder and he told me he was in Syria, fighting war. For that I would have to be the person to pick him up at the nearest airport to me, I would be charge some admin fee though it will be refunded back in due time, I would be asked some questions about him and he would answer some questions about me… I am not sure whetther I should trust this.

Am I being catfished? I started talking to someone on line. Rank and serial number. And he also gave me the base where he is stationed at. He even sent a pic of him in uniform. But he said that I need to write the U,S Authorities to request a leave.

But I have been lied to in the past. I would just like to know if this is real. I had been talking to different guys that side there in the Army and will be retiring soon. I asked them to go on skype so that I could see them and hear their voice, but they said that they are not allowed to skype.

I did see one guy one time. I would like to know if a Roy Joel Lelie is real,we have been talking for some 9 months now. He has now said he is retired from Qatar from being a sniper and he is now in Washington DC. I recently met a military man on Tinder. I have seen pictures in his army uniform, his doctor stuff, I believe all this is true. I was hesitant to leave his name here but after reading all these messages which is very similar to my experience, his name is Michael Frank Cook.

I tried researching him online and cannot find anything, nothing at all with this name, not even pictures… Ok so, I am very familiar with the military, my dad was in the Army and I have some very close friends that have served and they can be very private… however with this day in age… I asked if he has any social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, he said he had to shut down his facebook because he was informed someone was using his pictures for a scam, hmmm.

A few days after we had been chatting on Tinder, he told me we should switch to kik, never heard of kik but easy app to communicate on. He just had a birthday, turning 50 and ready to retire. In conversation, he let me know his wife died four years ago of cancer, has a 14 year old son and his mother of 85 years old takes care of him with a nanny. I live in LA, he has a house in Colorado Springs. I was like, no, I know you get calling cards and such to communicate with your family.

And exactly like I have read here, he is allowed a 3 month leave and when he gets back in the states he can file for retirement and not have to go back. However, in order for him to take a leave, I will have to write a letter to the military on his behalf telling them I am going to be his wife and I need him to come home to plan our wedding or I can say our son is not strong and I need him home to support me and take care of him together.

I was like, what? So we argued about it and he played on my emotion. I made the mistake in telling him before this came up , I had just broke up with my boyfriend 2 months prior to going onto Tinder. We lived together for 5years and I was just testing the waters by going online, which he proceeded to tell me, he had just gone onto Tinder that same day too and boom… we are a match!!

So he laid that to rest and yesterday he came up with a new thing I could do to help him get home, he wants my bank account information, I was like WHAT!!! This is just getting out of hand, so I humored him.

This amount of money appears, then disappears. So this morning I decided to do a little research online, is this a normal thing even though I would never agree to it kind of thing and this is the first site that came up!!! Thank you and carry on soldier!!!

Peace hopefully someone else who stumbles on this page as I did, will get the benefit of not being scammed. His name is Bernard Rowland. My opinion I really soldier and his thought me that his no on Facebook no any more and hi thought me someone use him pictures on Facebook.

I am currently talking to a soldier who says he is in Afghanistan. He is supposed to come home in October. He messaged me today saying that they were going to extend his tour there for 2 more months and send him to a different country.

He told them that he needed to come home as originally planned because he was going to get married. He then told me that I needed to send a letter to a commander saying that he was indeed going to come back to the states and get married.

This man has told me where he lives, has shared information about his supposed daughter and has never asked me for a dime. In fact, he insists that he pays his own way through life, so to speak. I have never sent him a dime nor do I ever intend to.

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Scam: Form Letter to Request Time Off

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