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Took a few days to finally patch it up had no phone or Internet , and from what I've heard that was due to "not being prepared". I called again in the morning and requested to speak to a manager; after talking with three people I finally got someone who told me she was going to investigate it and get back with me. I do know for a fact that TDS worked better in , not only because I was still relatively new to the service but also because the DSLAM wasn't as oversold as it is now. Tami T to Clawpaw. This is the same cable that TDS said tested good multiple times. Since that cable was run, I have not had a single dropped connection. Green Bay parrot gets back home, with a little help from Facebook friends.

And, TDS appreciates your unique qualities. Our employees make the communities we serve, the services we provide, and our company better. Every day, thousands of TDS Telecommunications LLC (TDS ®) employees from all walks of life, dedicate themselves to the company's mission of delighting customers and being good citizens.

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We have had this service for 15 years with always a promise of faster speeds and no delivery of faster speeds. Our internet goes out sporadically and comes back on with no explanation.

It is slow, especially upload speeds. TDS is the only option we have, however, it keeps getting slower and slower. We installed a new router but did not help. We need more options. I am only 1 mile from the TDS office. I can't imagine how bad it must be at the end of the run. Bryce P on November 03, Maybe 2 outages a month. Pay 40 bucks a month for 6Mbps download and 6Mbps upload. Fyi don't use their modem router combos the Wi-Fi sucks on them.

Just rent their modem and buy yourself a decent dual band router. Steve on June 27, Very reliable, good customer service, poor speed on internet. My top speed is 15 Mbps but is very inconsistent, ranging from 13 Mbps to less than 1 within seconds. Kerrin Szewc on September 04, Service is often interrupted without explanation. Always needing to "reboot" modem resulting in more data being used from cell phone provider despite having to pay for wireless through TDS.

Have had TDS switch modem several times and that doesn't ever seem to work. Tired of having such sporadic service that is so costly. Bob Southard on December 16, The fastest internet I've ever had. We've been down 1 day in 3 years. TDS gets a high recommendation from this household. Terry Lincoln on December 07, The customer service has an "I don't care attitude", the service is on and off, and is not strong enough to provide internet throughout the house.

Roger Fletcher on November 26, I am getting 25 Mbps out of Mbps I'm paying for. Should be blazing fast. They require use of their modems.

Can't boost signal by replacing it. Not pleased and TDS doesn't care. Guess I'll be switching. Arden on November 19, TDS Internet is neither reliable nor quick. On a 15 Mbps line the fastest offered here , I regularly receive service at less than 1 Mbps. Their website splash offers speeds up to 1 Gbps, but that seems to be only in a couple of select areas - not the rest of the area in which I live.

Wireless providers in the area cap data so not the best option for download or data streaming. I guess I will have to sell my house and move Sam Plumlee on August 29, Escalations are not easy and we are a municipality with about 20 locations depending on our broadband connections.

Speed probably due to growing pains fluctuates fairly often. Overall I think they are the best broadband in the area, but we are not in Dallas. Eric on May 06, Constantly on the blink, has never lived up to advertised speeds. Service is only a small step above dial up and the cost is unfair for the service supplied. Our service is intermittentwe are constantly being kicked off the internet. The service people are friendly and helpful, but we continue to have issues with the reliability of the signal.

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To specify a specific width for the map, set to the desired number of pixels. To see more TDS Telecom plans and offers in your area enter your zip code above. State Population Covered Max Speed Alabama 56, mbps Arizona 9, mbps California 9, 50 mbps Colorado , mbps Florida 27, mbps Georgia 89, 1, mbps Idaho 3, 50 mbps Illinois , 4. Services offered by TDS Telecom. Current and Past DBAs: Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. Download Speed and Latency Test Whether TDS Telecom is your internet provider or you use a different provider, the speed test below can show key statistics about your internet connection.

This speed test can be used to test any internet provider, not just TDS. Speed Test Simply press "start test" to see your results. Something went wrong and the NDT test didn't load! First Testing Upload speed Testing Download speed. Share your experience to help other users. Was this review helpful? IP Verified Verona, Wisconsin. TDS has been reliable and helpful but limited bandwidth 3. IP Verified Madison, Wisconsin. Rosenberger on July 25, We basically have a catch it while you can service from TDS and most of the time it is not available.

IP Verified Iola, Wisconsin. Very slow and interrupted service 2. IP Verified Winterhaven, California.

Equipment Problem - Poor Internet Speeds 2. IP Verified Palmyra, Maine. Wish I had options 2. IP Verified Onalaska, Washington. Poor service very spotty service 1. IP Verified Athens, Maine. Not disclosed Posted by HR , 3 days ago. Posted by Shefali , 3 days ago. Health and Accident insurance Posted by Gururaj , 3 days ago.

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Tds Telecom Work From Home - Looking for a way to work from home? Apply now for jobs that are hiring near you. Check out list of work at home jobs. Stay connected with TDS Home for the latest news. About TDS TDS Telecom. is the 7th largest telecom provider in the U.S., and our parent company is Telephone and Data Systems Inc. TDS Telecom is a great place to work and has been for nearly 50 years. Voted One of the Best Companies to Work For by In Business Magazine and on Forbes America's Best Employers for Diversity, Best Large Employers, and Best Employers for Women lists. TDS offers enriching job opportunities throughout the company.