Why I Don’t Recommend Home Assembly Jobs

Red Flags There are several red flags to look out for when evaluating any work-at-home opportunity, particularly one that asks you to assemble products: You may or may not be liable for the cost of shipping your craft — this also varies from company to company. A lot of time wasted and money spent for no reward. However, sites like Etsy. About the Author Lainie Petersen is a full-time freelance writer living in Chicago. All you require is the willingness to work. This doesn't vary much from company to company.

Many people are interested in being able to work from home. Unfortunately, even though legitimate work-at-home opportunities exist, scams also exist. In most cases, home-based, product assembly jobs fall into the latter category: After all, the economics of product manufacturing means that most.

How Home Assembly Jobs Usually Work

Are you interested in learning how to earn an extra income from home on a part-time basis? Then below is an in-depth guide on how to work from home assembling products for companies. Seriously, legitimate home assembling companies exist, but there are lots of fake assembly jobs which makes it difficult to find the ones that are REAL! You could decide to assemble bikes or small gift bags, and be paid. As a serial entrepreneur, I have met several people who eventually left the race, just by assembling products for companies.

If you want enough time to relax with your family or desire to work from home, then assembling small ticket products for companies is a good BET. Assembly jobs could involve anything that has to do with assembling gift items, bikes toys, CD cases, or other small items. So be smart and use your time wisely. Well, companies pay people handsomely for assembling some of these small items.

The kit usually comes with the materials you need to make the craft, a completed product to compare your craft against, and possibly even some instructional DVD's to watch.

The cost of the kit varies from company to company, and some do offer money-back guarantees that you can take advantage of within a month or so if you decide you're just not cut out for the work.

You make your first craft according to the instructions you're given and send it back to the company to inspect. You may or may not be liable for the cost of shipping your craft — this also varies from company to company. After they receive your craft, they look it over and determine whether or not it's up to their standards. If it isn't, they'll send it back to you so you can try again. If it is, you can start working. You'll submit a certain number of crafts per week and will be paid per piece for each one you do.

So, this all sounds like a pretty incredible, easy opportunity to work at home, huh? Well, if only it actually were. Nine times out of ten your first craft will be rejected. And most of the time your second and third efforts are rejected as well. In fact, there are some people who can't get their crafts approved no matter how hard they try — many of whom claim that their finished products match the samples exactly and in some cases look even better than the samples they were sent to compare against.

This makes me very, very suspicious. The end result here is that you've paid for this starter kit and also possibly spent money on shipping for sending crafts to this company, but you have no money yourself to show for all your hard work. And you probably won't because chances are good that by now you've gotten disgusted trying to please this company and given up on the whole thing.

A lot of time wasted and money spent for no reward. This is why I don't recommend home assembly jobs— because this seems to be the story all too often. And believe me, I have looked over lots of job review boards for some good feedback on many of these places, and the good feedback was so few and far between that I finally came to the conclusion that most of the time, people who attempt home craft assembly come out on the losing end.

Not all of them. Technically, there are two that might be legit. This page includes some referral links. Please see our disclosure policy for further information. There is an add top right of your page saying an hour work. Just thought Id let you know because thats the kind of claim that, potentialy, leads people to bad experiences. I could be wrong, just in case a nasty false ad slipped through your notice. All the best Holly. Thanks for your concern! Are there really honest companies out there so you can work from home I know there must be some companies out there that need help can you help find it for me or getting information that would be good to use and trustworthy thanks John.

They could have easily called me back if it was an accident. Guess they have something to hide.. What sort of work are you looking for? Well done post on assembly opportunities. She loves sewing and is very detailed. Thanks for the honest opinion its spot on to what we have researched.

Thanks for the kudos, Robert. Has your wife checked out Craftsy or Sew Fun Studios? One of those may be up her alley. I work completely from home but it has taken me years to learn the skills needed.

One of my Online Marketing sites reviews and helps people make money online. I am not doing any self promotion here and from your current situation it sounds like my site may not be of help but not that long ago I got an email asking a very similar question and I did find a very suitable platform for your Wife! If she is Arty in anyway then I would definitely recommend Etsy.

Why This Isn't As Good As It Seems

The wonderful thing about home assembly is that you, the home worker can assemble numerous different items at the same time to increase your earning potential. All items will be shipped to your door postage paid, all you have to do is assemble the product and return it back to the company for your paycheck. Filed Under: Work at Home Tagged With: Craft Assembly Jobs, Holly Reisem Hanna, Make Money from Home, The Work at Home Woman, WAHM, Work at Home, Work at Home Assembly Jobs, Work at Home Opportunities, Work . Most of the type of goods you’ll see listed when you’re checking out work at home assembly jobs are made in factories overseas where the costs can be scaled. One of the sites that list home assembly jobs even states on the website, “The so-called product assembly jobs are mostly defunct and not a reliable way to make an income.”.