10 Jobs You Can Do From Home

Although this site is mostly known as a message board for developers, it also hosts a number of location-independent gigs. Fashionable folks can enjoy a little glamour and profit, while providing fashion advice and personal shopping services for people who go out a lot. Working from home is entirely possible, but it takes work and planning to make it happen. If you have a solid profession that can be practiced from home — tax accounting, even journalism — your chances of getting a decent work-at-home job are reasonable, even if slight. Speed, accuracy, typing skills, and a tolerance for what can be dull work are required for data entry positions.

Here's everything you need to know about working at home, including where to find work at home job listings, the best sites for finding working at home jobs, 10 Top Jobs You Can Get If You Want to Work From Anywhere. How Do You Find a Job on gitanes.ml? Tips for Using Snag (formerly SnagaJob) to Job Search.

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Sep 29, Working from home is the dream of so many people, yet so few know exactly what it is they want to do. Working from home is possible, as those of us who already do so can attest, but it takes a lot of work and planning.

Until you can answer this one question, you can't even begin to plan. I get the big question: What kind of work can I do from home? The question is awkward. The problem is that the question is HUGE. Too huge to answer without a number of lengthy conversations. The real answer could take weeks, months, even years to answer effectively. Even the simplest breakdown of the question is difficult. To find a work-at-home job? Or do you want to start a business?

This question leaves most people speechless. Then comes the dreadful question: Rational thought has completely vanished. But such gigs do, in fact, exist.

When online telecommuting jobs resource FlexJobs surveyed almost 1, parents, it found high demand for part-time and home-based work. You can find a list of the most common ones here. To determine pay ranges for each job, FlexJobs incorporated salary data from Payscale. The list that follows consists of established employers and legitimate open or recently open positions on FlexJobs, for a look at the best opportunities now in the part-time, work-from-home market.

Of course, as with any job, applicants for these gigs should thoroughly vet any company before signing on. Writer Hourly rate from Payscale: Writers with specialized knowledge can use their expertise to write columns, blog, and perform other regular work. One company hiring such writers is About. In April , About was hiring guides writers with professional background or expertise in a subject for celebrity gossip, dairy-free cooking, and Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Technical, grant, and curriculum writing, advertised on the education website Schmoop , calls for more experience and training.

Hourly rate from Payscale: As with writing, editing jobs run the gamut from demanding specialized knowledge to simply needing general knowledge.

Editing work may involve exclusively editorial editing, management of writers or content, copy editing, or proofreading — or a combination of those. Other recent part-time work-from-home editor listings include everything from technical editing and news editing to a social media editor responsible for managing social accounts and writing press releases.

Find out how to make money without ever leaving your house with these telecommuting job opportunities and work from home jobs. and a can-do attitude. Teachers who don't want a typical. Even the simplest breakdown of the question is difficult. I ask, “What do you want? To find a work-at-home job? Or do you want to start a business?” There is one simple answer to the question, what work can I do from home. You can go about the difficult and time-consuming work to learn what’s out there for you – be it job or. Instead, home businesses wannabes should start by learning about home business, and taking time to find the right business option for them to insure success. Here is a three-step plan to help you figure out what type of work you can do from home.