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I even started a Facebook page where I inspire thousands of people on their own journey. Your transformation is great, you really inspired me on my way to lose about 50 pounds! Weight Loss Success Story: Weight Loss Success Stories. We only eat out once a week, and I make the healthiest choices when we do.

Success Stories Alloy program and Les Mills program differ from each other in the sense that they have different duration and they use different workout equipment. The beginning of my training with the Alloy program was hard and challenging because I was not used to it.

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I had to work my training around work, relationships, injuries, illness, and day-to-day life. Even if we were out of town, I worked out before we left or I rushed back to get my workout done before midnight.

I even started a Facebook page where I inspire thousands of people on their own journey. It was such an amazing feeling that I cried for a long time after leaving the gym. It made me feel unstoppable. I began dieting at the age of 10 years old and struggled with developing healthy eating habits.

I learned to view food as either good or bad. I felt that if I strayed from my diet for even one meal, that my diet was ruined and I would quit, eventually gaining back every pound that I lost. I spent 30 years of my life thinking that if I could just lose weight, then my life could begin. I could take that vacation.

I would meet the man of my dreams, and so on. I never felt like I could truly enjoy my life because I was fat. I let it be my excuse for not living! I realized that not only was I not living, but I was close to dying!

I eat at least six to 10 servings of fruit and veggies every day. I have a nutritious breakfast every day. Even when I go camping or stay at a hotel I bring my own food to ensure a healthy meal. I drink water and tea mostly. We only eat out once a week, and I make the healthiest choices when we do. I try to cook fresh and healthy foods for my family almost every day. I now run 5K, 10K and half-marathon races. In , I placed third and first in two different types of races trail and road.

This year, I plan to run the 14K Super Spartan. I have since put on about 12 pounds of muscle using my own body weight and dumbbells. It has been almost five years since I lost the weight, and I am still keeping it off. You could say that my life has done a ! For more on weight loss, click here.

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Success Stories

Dani was always dieting until she figured out that exercising and portion control was the secret to living healthy. This is a success story you don't want to miss. 10 Inspiring Success Stories. he persuaded his parents to let him take over the lease of a bike shop going out of business, borrowing $23, from his grandfather at 15 percent interest. Success Stories. BeneFit Personal Training level, eating habits and your adherence to our program. Listen to a Customer Review from Kandi C., one of our in home personal training clients in Queens, New York* The Most Fun You've Ever Had Working Out. What is your #1 Fitness Goal?